Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kitchen notes

Hey - here's the first apple pie of the Holiday season. We had an early Thanksgiving Dinner with some friends last weekend. We will probably have another Thanksgiving Dinner while Grandpa Paul is with us. So more pie, and turkey.... speaking of which.... Did you notice the size of the oven? I know I've posted a similar picture a few years back but, just had to share again. Notice how I can get one, whole pie in there. As long as the turkey I get is only about 10, maybe 12 lbs, I'll be OK. Anything bigger and it just won't fit. And yes, the oven only came with one rack. Don't ask how I manage to get everything onto the table still warm - I don't half the time!

Here is the whole kitchen. To the left is the oven cabinets and another storage cabinet. To the right is the Fridge & Freezer + cabinets on top and bottom. A 'bit' smaller that I had in the States but guess what? It doesn't take as long to clean and yet, with all those cabinets, I still have room for all our stuff. Just don't take offense if I turn down help - it gets really crowded if 2 people try to do dishes.
But this pic shows why the bakeries are so popular:
What a mess! It is nearly impossible to make pies when you hardly have any counter space. I'm trying to roll out dough and banging into everything within 2 feet of me. Not to mention the clouds of flour. But that's not really the fault of the small kitchen. Just my ineptitude - you should see the layer of dust when I make frosting. They have a great powdered sugar for glazing etc... but it's sooooo finely ground that it practically floats out of the bag. I digress....
So, someday, when it's time to return and get our very own house once again, I would like a kitchen that's not too big but has some good working space. And a view. I like a nice view while I'm at the sink.
Grandpa Paul has requested Apple Pie for his birthday so that's what he'll get. I just hope I don't break anything. :)


Linds said...

I also had to get used to tiny kitchens when we moved here, but thankfully I now have a large one. I think mine was even smaller than yours! And I had a huge American oven in SA and none of my baking sheets fitted the UK one. Sigh.But I did indeed adapt. Slowly!

Judy said...

The oven we had in Singapore was about the same size. I remember calling my mom when we moved back to the US and telling her I had THREE things in the oven! I was so excited! And the first Thanksgiving I bought the biggest possible turkey!

Julie said...

I recognize some of those ceilings! And I've been at that kitchen! It all gives me warm fuzzies, Susan! I was looking at pictures of Hungary today as the snow came down here in Iowa. It seems like a long time ago, but I'm so thankful for the very vivid memories. Anyway, hope Germany was fantastic! Hug the girls from us!

Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm jealous of the small, yet cozy kitchen--but I still have yet to bake a pie!

Beautiful pictures!

Hugs -