Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boot Blog # 2

Oh, I love boots..... (think Oscar the Grouch singing "I love trash")

My Hungary posts triggered a couple of comments and I felt I should re-visit the "Boot Blog." I didn't post one last year - don't know where my inspiration was. I think I was too caught up in my ski dillema. Which I never posted about and will have to get you up to speed this year.

My mom said "I want to see the boots!" So here they are. The boots I bought in Hungary for MUCH less than I would have in Switzerland. Per Makila, Ben said it took me 3 seconds to buy these - He was right, I had been looking since last year. Actually it took 3 minutes because my credit card wouldn't work in their store and I had to pay 10,000's + in Forint. And LOOK - they fit my 'sporty' legs with the jeans tucked in! I don't know if women in the US are wearing their jeans/pants tucked into their boots or not. They do in Europe. And when in Rome...... Here is my 'Boot Wreath.' Mostly for the amusement of my husband. I don't have THAT many, they just take up more space than 'normal' shoes.

In counter-clockwise order: 1. the boot at top - this will be their 3rd season. Italian made. They are sooooo warm and get me through the ice and snow with nary a slip or slide. I Love them even though they aren't beautiful. 2. the 5 yr old boots I've worn year round that really ought to be tossed. They're split up the back seam (unrepairable), been resoled ? times, which led me to 3. these boots which are a little feisty and purchased in the alley behind my Irish hairdresser's place in Zurich (also Italian made). 4. The tall, black boot (Italian - yes, trend here) which prompted the 'sporty' leg legacy - cannot tuck the jeans into these puppies! 5. The Marshall's bargain from about 4 yrs ago - get's me through the dressy heel boot moments - and are a killer walking down the 6 flights of stairs to the car. 6. Last but not least - the green, suede boots that were a killer bargain in the Shoe Clearance room at Von Maur. Of things I miss from Des Moines, behind friends and our church, Von Maur might just be next. I'm shameful.
So - there's my boots (excluding ski boots but they are down in the garage and not exactly every-day wear).
Here are a few more for your enjoyment (via the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich):

Love these but my feet would be hurting after the walk down to the car/bus/train.
These are tall and skinny. With the big bag. And cell. And my feet would still hurt.
Note the layered capes/poncho's. She was about 6' tall - don't think this look works for those of us around the 5' level - unless you have no meat on your bones.
Oh - I thought these combo's were just fun and wish I had the guts to pull them off.
OK - I'm shameful. And I like boots.
Enough to take strangers pictures while pretending to be a tourist on the Bahnhofstrasse. I've lived here long enough I felt a slight twinge of embarassment. Very slight.
Lastly - Good News. Nephew JT is able to walk around now and the treatment for the Pneu. is working. The complications involved a virus that was attacking his leg muscles and had potential for kidney failure. Thank you those who were praying for him. He is a precious little boy. Aren't they all.


Mom E said...

Ah that's my daughter...proud of you and your boots! Surprised you didn't include the ones that "got away" on my feet at Thanksgiving last year.

Olson Family said...

Weeeeelllll, if you had left those boots here, I would certainly have included them. But as they are not in my current boot rotation, they are left out. You have left them to me in the will and not to John, correct? hee hee

Anonymous said...

I had some boots once--They made me dance that Russian dance (with arms folded)on a raised hearth at a Christmas party. Where did I get that funny hat I wore? (not a lampshade)
I don't have sporty legs so boots don't work well for me. If you had my toes you would not wear those pointies, nor the high heels. Oh well, this younger generation!

alece said...

i don't own a single pair of boots. i love women who can pull them off in style, i just don't think i'm one of them!