Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He got here just in time

Yeah Dad!!!!!!!!

Can you believe I put my dad to work so fast? You betcha!!! I can say that only because I have Minnesota in-laws. Otherwise, it would never have been introduced into my vocabulary. I would still be saying "totally" which totally doesn't work when you're talking about shoveling snow.

Anyway..... My dad arrived safely from CA, we had a nice weekend trip to Germany and I returned with a nasty headcold which still has a firm grasp on what's left of my brain. So this is short and I will update with more pictures later . We had good traveling weather in spite of the snow - we seemed to follow it but were never in the midst of it. Best way to do it when you're on the road. It sure is pretty. Prettier when seen after Dad shoveled and I took a long nap.
Quick peek of Grandpa Paul with his girls in Heidelberg.
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week and more later when my head finds my body. :)

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