Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18th - I remember this date!

Two years ago today, a tolerant and supportive father, two little girls (one of whom was still sick from 'antibiotic poisoning") and one stressed out mama, arrived in CA in a 9 year old GMC Suburban packed with all the belongings they would have for the next 6 weeks! They had traveled for 3 1/2 days and a sold sign promptly went up on the GMC. They had stayed in a Best Western in Reno (there were no rooms in the Inns of Winnemucca) and had breakfast at an International House of Pancakes.

There is little I forget about that trip. And how my dad let me drive alot. I think he knew I needed to feel in control of something. I like to drive anyway and wasn't really in the mood to read books on a road trip as I might otherwise have done. Bart was already out of the country and we had left our home, neighbors and church in Des Moines. Getting ready to move to a foreign country.

Granted, if you have to move to a foreign place, Switzerland is really not to bad of a place to find yourself in. Clean, orderly, great public transpo., MOUNTAINS, safe but expensive.

Next week we will be heading for Minnesota to spend some time with Bart's folks, then on to CA to see that new baby neice of mine, Jayden. We'll only get a few days in No. CA this time but I'm sure you'll all understand. Kris will be glad to get rid of me by time I spoil that little baby girl.

Anyway, what my point is - I am glad to be traveling to the US of A. I miss some things (having just run out of vanilla for choc. chip cookies - don't even get me started about importing these things - I must have them!) and look forward to a trip 'home.' We'll be enjoying the hospitality of family and friends.

We are putting together our shopping lists and look forward to drinking Root Beer and enjoying temperatures over 65 degrees. Note - it has rained almost every day in June BUT we are not flooding. So I don't complain. Prayers with all of you in IA and your families/friends. After 2 days of 'normal' summer temps, I'm sure we'll start complaining that we're too hot. And you can all laugh at our white skin - because it has not yet seen the sun!

Last day of school tomorrow! Yeah! With school and a computer that's about kaput, I'm not getting to the Blog much... Hoping the computer can take one more download of pic's for another Euro'08 post - we had fun last Sat. night in Zurich. More later......


Josh & Sarah said...

I am so very excited for you to be getting to see your niece! Can't wait to see pictures of you holding her!!!

Makila said...

I'm so excited for your trip home. I too am excited to see you holding Jayden. Can't wait to hear/see all about it. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I also recall that trip across country and wishing I could have had a transponder installed to watch your progress. We watch planes, why not Suburbans? Safe travels and talk to you soon. Enjoy Jayden and get some good pics..I'll be seeing you in Swizzyland soon. Mom E

Judy said...

Have a great time back in the US! It's finally summer in MN so you should be warm and see the sun! :) I sure remember making lists of food to buy to bring back and restaurants to eat at.