Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Cows

Here's a happy Swiss cow - complete with bell. Have I ever mentioned that I love the sound of the cow bells. And the church bells.... A comment from my last post requires that I explain my "CA cows are happy cows" comments.

My CA readers will recognize this statement as it was the promotional tag for the CA dairy council for years. Could still be but I don't know as I haven't lived in CA for about 6 yrs now. Just like "CA cheese is the REAL cheese." But I don't use that one as the CA dairy people have obviously not been to Switzerland. 'Cause we have some REAL cheese here. Not that I'm getting prejudice about cheese or anything.

My personal belief is these promotional tags are part of the advertising warfare that exists between the California and Wisconsin dairy councils - but that's just a guess on my part.

I don't like drinking plain milk - unless it is very cold. Most all of my milk is consumed via my morning capuccino. This posed a problem when we went to Bart's family in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving one year. On a dairy farm. Uncle Don was even the President of the Wisconsin Dairy Council there for a while. Two gallons of milk on the table - regular and chocolate. I had water. And no seconds as I am a slow eater and by time I finished my dinner, the table was cleared. No one messes around with meals on a farm - eat and clean up! Unlike my side of the family that can sit and graze on a meal for hours during a holiday.

So - I am a picky milk drinker and, yes, I prefered the taste of CA milk over IA milk - no offense to the fine folks at A & E (miss you L.E.). I bought plenty of A & E milk for my family! But can't say I ever saw any cows in IA? Pigs, corn and soybeans - yes. Cows, no.? Does the picture of the Butter Cow from the State Fair count?

I will also put my 2 cents in for the A&E Southwestern Onion Dip because I cannot even say how much I miss that stuff. Bart and I would actually get irritated with each other for "eating the rest of it without telling me!" I'm sure having 'his' and 'her' cartons would have eased that marital discord. OH - that is good stuff! With chips, quesadillas (with that shredded Mexi cheese mix I am missing), vegetables - I won't bore all of you who cannot get their hands on this addictive dip.

Had enough of my cow and milk stories? I will be back with more answers to questions about life here soon.

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