Monday, June 23, 2008

Last of Euro08 before 'Reisen nach USA'

We spent Sat. (a week ago) in Zurich for the EuroCup Festivities. There was a lot of good food, a lot of people and thus, Fun! We rode the Ferris Wheel at Burkliplatz and stopped by our friends the Nachtman's for the last time - they're moving to NY this coming Saturday with 'the Firm.'

They put a large screen and viewing platform out on the Lake.
This (EuroCup 08) is considered the largest event ever hosted by Zurich so it has been quite an experience and fun to watch. Everyone's loyalties lies with their home countries. National pride is hugely important here. All the flags come out.

Holland is out of the Cup at this point but were still in the running when I took this pic.

The girls have a last goodbye hug with Matt & Jill. We'll miss them. And in their honor - GO HAWKEYES!

The girls had to see the big, completed Football players in the Hauptbahnhoff. They are big and eerily lifelike.

Spain played Sweden that night. Spain won - as they did last night against Italy. The teams left (Turkey, Spain, Russia & ? - Bart will be embarrassed I don't remember) are not the one's which had been favored from the beginning. A Cup full of underdogs - always interesting. And we won't be here to listen to Demitri, our 12/13 yr old Russian neighbor, yelling during the games anymore.
Happy Spaniards.

Not-so-happy Swedes.

We are almost packed, cleaned, etc.... for our trip to the States tomorrow. Our first stop, dare you to laugh - go ahead, is Mall of America. Where else can one buy clothing sales tax free and send dad & kids off to the rides while mom finishes the shopping? We'll probably be standing in front of the doors waiting for them to open. Our usual wakeup time is about 4:30am the first morning back.

Except for Mom, I find that a Tylenol PM helps me stay asleep for those first couple of nights. But it doesn't really help when the whole family doesn't do it! "Mom, we can't sleep" "Mom, we still can't sleep" "Mooommmmyyyyyyyy" "Susan, get up, breakfast starts at 7 (am), we can go now" - all in 10 minute intervals.

Then we head up to Detroit Lakes (Frazee actually but it's harder to find on a map!), MN to see Bart's parents. And we head to CA on 6/30 with a return to Switz. on July 14 for the girls & I - Bart back earlier for work.

So - I have packing & cleaning to finish now. And will update the blog as I can in the next couple weeks. Hopefully from a new computer. We only turn this one on now about 1 -2 hrs a day (thus my lack of computer related time spent lately). It's been on for almost 3 hrs now as I needed to finish backing up the last of the pictures/files we'll need to transfer to the other computer. Whew! I take too many pictures.

Here we come - ready to stimulate the US economy. (Hey, it sounds like a joke but with prices so expensive here right now we've been saving money and have got a LIST)

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