Friday, December 14, 2007

Still Waiting...

No news on the hard drive yet. But I find myself quite relaxed and unperturbed about it. Possibly because Rachel has been home sick all week and the "mother" side of my brain took over. I've more concerned with whether we will travel as a family this weekend or split up again as we did last year.

For this reason we have a traveler's insurance policy. A policy to help you recover the cost of trips you are unable to take due to illness, etc... A policy that would have been nice to have when we cancelled Barcelona last fall due to my respiratory infection. No refund on those plane tickets - ouch! We got the policy right after that.

But God answers prayer and it appears the fever is gone and her throat is clearing up. Some people seem to have this virus for only a day or so, some for a whole week. And as it was only fever, sore throat and she has stayed well hydrated and eating, I am confident we can all get on the plane tomorrow. Not that I was worried or anything.

Since moving to IA, now Switz., and traveling further distances for holidays, we have often had this situation over the past 5 years - children sick prior to a winter holiday trip - strep, stomach flu - the easy answer would have been strep. 24 hrs on antibiotics and she's good to go. But such was not the case. And I haven't been out of the house for 4 days except to and from school for Kendra. Two quick runs into the post office don't really count. So I am ready to get on that plane and get out of here.

We will have a computer with us so feel free to email. If anyone needs to call, Bart will have his cell phone. I'm not taking mine. I can't find the euro/usa adapter. And I figure I'll be with Bart most of the time. If not, I'll be shopping or reading by the pool or maybe (fingers crossed) getting a massage to relieve the tight and burning muscles around the shoulder blade region (having to carry Rachel into the Dr.'s office was not easy). And if I am doing any of those things, I probably wouldn't answer the phone anyway.

Yeah - I get to go to the States tomorrow. Feel like singin' "I want to be in Amereeca" from West Side Story - have to sing it with the Latin accent though or it's just not right. No German accent for that one! And we'll have little chocolate donuts and grilled cheese sandwiches and root beer! Ah - the simple things in life.


Anonymous said...

Donuts!!!How can you even think donuts after all the wonderful goodies you get over there...I can see I still have some parenting to do...Love Mom

Josh & Sarah said...

Hope that Rachel is better and all travels went well!