Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun Bavaria

Yes - the 'Lederhosen' is alive and well in Bavaria. And actually, while there was a lot of lederhosen and dirdl's to be viewed and purchased - and we have seen them worn here and there. And what we have here is a fairly traditional winter outfit for the Bavarian male. Long wool socks with wool knickers, a cotton embroidered shirt with wool fitted jacket, hat and leather shoes. Bart can't wait to open his Christmas presents! Black forest squirrel - complete with pointy ears if you can click-on and get bigger photo. Where is my telephoto lens when I need it? - safely stored in the hotel safe - how smart is that?
Ah - the Christmas look everyone is going for. In Bavaria. If you are working at the hotel or attending a local function. Not what I wore to the company "Holiday" event. But would be kind of fun to play dress up in. Maybe....? Our 'horse-power' up to Neuschwanstein. Fun for the girls. Kendra giggled exceptionally hard when the pferde (Horse) to our right turned out to be a little 'gassy.'
And now I must stop as I appear to be having an allergic reaction to the pepperocini (red pepper) I put into tonight's pasta sauce. I know I can eat it without issue - have done it often enough. But cut it up fresh for the first time. Not fun - might have to break out the steroids again. After my hands and face quit itching. At least there is no rash - Yet!

and yes, I've already taken Benadryl.

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Josh & Sarah said...

Oh, these posts brought a smile to my face at fun memories from when I went to Germany with my parents and youngest brother in the summer of 2000. (5 weeks away from Josh was the not-so-fun part. My time in Germany overlapped with his time in Ireland with his parents & grandma.)

Moving on...during our time there, we visited Neuschwanstein and also saw somebody mowing their lawn in lederhosen. Both were highlights of the trip for my youngest brother and me. :)

Thanks for jogging my memory and putting a smile on my face!