Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Pictures for You!

Hello - sometimes I post without a picture. And it's usually because I have a need to impart deep thoughts or complain about something.

No deep thoughts today.

And I'm not going to complain. Because it's not that big of a deal. We hope.

I am typing this from another computer. For which I am thankful. Because I have access to a computer. And a Yahoo mail account. And most of my pic's since we moved here are all downloaded to Shutterfly. And I had the foresight to turn off our home computer when I heard it making the loud "clank" clank" clank" noise. It could have been "clink"clink" clink" but I don't want to split hairs over small things like that.

So we are hoping that the nice Swiss technicians can make a backup of the hard drive even if the tower can't be saved. We are waiting for the call.

And I realize that I will be writing out all the Christmas card addresses by hand. Which is more personal. And you can revel in the handwriting mistakes I make. As I did not schedule time for this activity before we leave (VERY early Sat. morning). And had planned on putting on the address labels again. Of which file is on the hard drive as I wasn't finished updating a few address changes.

But I'm not worried. We'll probably wake up at 3am Sunday morning anyway and it'll give me something to do. Right? There might be room in the carry-on so I could do some on the plane. When I am not catching up on all the movies we've not seen. It will be a 27.5 hr travel day for us - from first departure to arrival. Not counting time to airport or to the hotel when we arrive. Please pray for us - health and safety and rest. Girls are feeling a little anxious to be taking such a long trip.

Rachel is home today in fact with a sore throat the school nurse said we should watch. But it gives me more time to get things ready before we go. Maybe even get some addresses written out!

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Josh & Sarah said...

Oh dear! Thankful for you that your pictures are on Shutterfly!