Friday, January 26, 2007

What a difference a day (or two) makes!

Well, the last posts were pictures from Sunday (Sonntag). These are from Wed.(Mittwoch, in case you were wondering :) )
YEAH!!!! The snow has finally arrived. I have shoveled several times (another duty relinquished to me (what does Bart do anyway????)) and we finally get to start the girls ski-lessons which had been delayed for several weeks. Of course, we now have the added chores of putting on/packing snow gear for school, waiting in long lines at school for pickup due to the nature of such dressing and the hope that all 6 of us neighbors are responsible enough to keep the stairs shoveled or ice free. So far, So good.
Top pic is Kendra having fun while clearing snow off a skylight, mid pic is the same old pic off our terrace - changes with the weather and bottom pic is the girls in front of their "hideout." There are 3 huge evergreens in the corner of our backyard and over time, they have become quite bare under the canopy where they are in contact - the outer edges stay green but interior has died off. So mom has cut back a lot of the dead branches away on the inside to give the girls more room for their hideout. So they play in there, build little 'fires' with sticks and in general have a great time - just like kids are supposed to do.
Anyway - Enjoying the white look for a change and the way that life goes on here in spite of the weather. Picture in your mind the first morning after 4 inches and snow still falling - girl riding to work on her bicycle, post(wo)men still zipping around in their mopeds (post in in little trailer cart), kids and classes still walking along to school, dogs being walked, people walking along with their granny carts from the bakery/grocery, man selling bratwurst near the train station - it all keeps moving along, just a bit more slowly. Not all places in the world manage to pull this off - and granted, it was not a blizzard - but I like the way they don't let inconvenience get them ruffled. Unless it is a train running late - it is supposed to be on time!!! Cause for anarchy right there but.... fortunately I am not a slave to time (to Bart's dismay I'm sure - but I will wrap this up to shovel before getting girls from school.


Anonymous said...

hello there darling this is george & lisa wishing you the very happiest of white birthday's. I know your thinking your are far away buy you are never to far from our hearts. Hope your day is special. Love george & lisa

Shana said...

Hi Susan!
I went to "My Favorite Muffin" the other day before work and thought of you! But it sounds like you are doing just fine with your swiss pastry treats! Hope you're having a good week!

Olson Family said...

Shana - Ah yes, My Favorite Muffin. I miss the cheesecake variety the most. But had a tasty fried apple ring w/ cinnamon, sugar and vanilla sauce the other day - I think I will survive. Hope you are! Glad to hear from you (and I love keeping up with Sarah's kiddo's on her blog). God Bless - Susan