Monday, January 15, 2007

Gatorland & Amusing Hausfrau tales

Rachel & Kendra were very enthused about holding the monitor lizard at Gatorland. Fun! How would you like one of these for a pet? Notice who's carrying the tail? But you'd have thought Kendra wrestled it down to hear her later. Have to love a 6 yr old's bravery.

Friendly inhabitants of Gatorland. We learned that, in general, these big guys are not interested in eating unless they are in the water. Nice to know if you are walking on a beach filled with sun bathing alligators.

Haircuts - There are several additional "hats" I (Susan) wear now that we are in Switzerland and I am sorry to not have a picture of my handsome husband for you - to show off my skills, of course. I have added "family hair stylist" to my many qualifications as Hausfrau. I will have to do a 'money' blog at some point but for now let's stick to the hair cut & our $ savings strategies. Bart's hair cuts would cost approx. $50 and the girls similar/each here in Switz. I've had my hair cut 1 time here (89chf for cut, 29 chf to dry, 18 chf to condition) - a whopping $110 - Ouch! - and Jose Eber wasn't cutting my hair..... So prior to leaving the States, our dear friend Danielle, showed me how to cut Bart's hair (I'm not ready for Bart to cut mine- had it done in FL). Armed with clippers & nice scissors, I have taken care of Bart's "Do" since July, as well as the girls (they are pretty easy).
Weeell, Sat. night we sit down for his cut and as I start on the 2nd buzz up the back of his head I'm thinking "hmmm, I see a little more scalp than usual." I look at the settings (which I admitted to forgetting to check prior) and they had moved - for a closer looking shave. OK - it was only one setting off but when his hair is already pretty short, anything shorter is noticeable - to him anyway. I managed to finish things off quite nicely - one of his best haircuts, just shorter. And we enjoyed an evening of "hey, Jarhead" "I've always admired the man in uniform look" "now we know the exact shape of your head" "I got pulled into the recruiting office I was walking by" and "I'm trying to ease you into the bald look."
Now that Bart has been teased, I will have to offer up my Swiss "humility" for the week - his orders - Yes, Sir! I happened to get "sucked" into a shoe store on my way back from Deutsch class last week (it was a terrible struggle - 50%off signs everywhere and with the price of shoes here, well, what can I say - ON SALE), and happened to find myself admiring a pair of boots that were lovely. Being 'petite' of size (short!), my calf muscles hit slightly lower than your average leg in a tall boot and well, my legs just aren't skinny - OK. The nice 60 something Swiss salesman says, as he is barely getting the zipper up the boot, that from walking and biking, "You have nice sporty legs"!!!!!! AAAGGGGHHHH!!! He then proceeds to convince me that the nice Italian leather will stretch and please to not worry that I can't yet feel my feet - by next week they will stretch out and I will tuck jeans into boots. NICHT (NOT)!!! You did note that he convinced me, right? Yes, I took them home, I've worn them around, they stretched out, fun to wear - but there is no way I'm getting my jeans tucked into them! Tschau for now!


Josh & Sarah said...

What? No pictures of these marvelous boots? :)

I've cut Josh's hair a few is my least favorite job. It makes me nervous. Thank goodness we have Great Clips around here where he can take in a coupon for $7.99! Maybe if I just keep practicing on Caleb enough, I'll work up enough courage to cut Josh's again sometime. Until then, happy hair-cutting to you!

Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

hee hee got to love those legs!!!:) "sporty"?!!! lol...and just to let you know, if you come to australia in the northern territory, the crocs are known to come up on the beach and get into your tent or hang out area looking for munchies!! the alligators must be a bit more fussy!!:) love you and miss you..
j & k:)

Brenda Lyon said...

Love the hair cut story. I too did that to Jim, but I forgot the attachment so it was just blade. Well, that was a few years ago. Now, he shaves it himself...I was just setting the stage.

High School Musical around the world. Emmy knows all the words to ALL the songs. We joke that Elle will start school and she will not know any children songs, but will be able to sing the High School Musical cd!!

Looks like you had a wonderful trip to the USA. The sun looked nice and warm!!