Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"It's A Small World After All, It's A...."

Susan & Rachel

Clair, Rachel, Sam and Kendra - Sam looks THRILLED to be the center of the girls attention!

The Olson's & The Dexter's

Alysen, Lauren, Rachel, Kendra, Susan, Carol, Bart, Braden & Royce

Well, even in Switzerland we know people who worked or know people in Des Moines, have been raised in IA or from Minn., know former colleagues in SF, etc... So, even before we left for FL, we had plans with the Garton family (Tom, Rachel, Sam & Claire - KPMG colleague, former neighbors/friends) to have dinner in Orlando as per emails, we found we would be there at the same time. Had a great visit and the girls got teary when they had to say goodbye (Oh, Kendra cried!!!).
But the shocker came the day we were at the Animal Kingdom. We had just came out of the Nemo Musical show theatre when I spotted 2 people I recognized - Royce Dexter and son, Braden - from Iowa! The husband and son of Carol Dexter whom I had the great pleasure of singing with at Valley Church for several years (may I "sing" her praises - she is a wonderful musician and has a beautiful heart). She arrived moments later and I must say, I was nearly speechless as it was so out of context & so unexpected & what are the chances with all the other thousands of people at those crowded parks. What fun - they had traveled down to meet with friends of theirs from Colorado. So it was a brief 10 minutes of "I can't believe it" and "How have you been?" and "Anything new going on" but it was a great 10 minutes and they looked wonderful to us - we do miss our friends and church back in IA.
So - that was the other cool part of our trip!

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