Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Home!

We moved into our new home this Thurs. and have made ourselves comfortable (comfort is relative) with 2 airbeds on the floor, a card table, toys to keep the kids occupied, enough kitchen supplies to cook with and thank goodness there is a washer and dryer. We will be getting our surface container this next week - Yeah! - a little earlier than expected. Our backs will be loving it.
There are always so many things I want to write and yet when I sit down to my little time with Bart's work computer, I forget - or I get interrupted. Bart gave me a much needed break yesterday in which I got to go into Zurich by my lonesome to run some errands while he and the girls stayed at the house. Sit. is also this - with no car and the bus not running by our stop due to road repairs I must walk down to the train station and back from the train station. I actually like the publ. trans. - I road the city bus for almost 5 years in Sacto. during Jr/High school and lets just say it's so much better here! It took about 15 mins to walk from our house downhill to the train station - not a meandering hill, straight downhill. I went to Zurich, purchased our patio set and arranged delivery, checked out the flea/antique market (same as US flea markets, just with old Swiss stuff - and they don't have yard sales here so some of that atmosphere as well), bought my kiddo's their very own straw broom at the toy store(they need it) and headed back to Wadenswil to pick up some veggies and a fan at the market then headed home. Well, by now it is at least 90 + degrees, no air conditioning most places and I am trudging straight uphill with a broom stick sticking out of my backpack, hauling a fan in a box and trying to figure out if I am heading uphill in the right direction. So I got alone time but had to finish it off in front of our portable air conditioner followed by a nap. I know everyone all over is suffering from the heat but it is different without central air or an air conditioned car! I'm glad no one is around to take pictures of the Olson family packhorse. Every day I have to decide what the priority is and what I can reasonably carry - the new granny cart helps. Today is cooler - Thank you Lord!

Girls are doing better with each passing day. Their devotion last night talked about our very situation (with Engl. as destination). They totally got into it and responded so well - another prayer answered. They devoured their lunch yesterday - one of our precious boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese. Funny how little things can make such a difference.

We miss everyone. We miss going to Valley Church. And our neighbors. And getting help from people who speak the same language. I am on a mission to get someone to help me translate all our garbage and recycling instructions. I will probably take them to Germany tomorrow as the girls and I go to visit with Bart's sister and her girls. What Kara can't help me with, we will convince Claus, her husb., to translate for us. Anyway - hope all is well. I am still praying for cooler weather and a car!


Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

hey sista'
sounds familiar...except they speak english here! no central heat for us as we are in a few nights of the coldest anyone can remember!! i can relate! we are praying for you and love you!!
kris & jay

Josh & Sarah said...

Last night, Makila and I were both talking about this post and how it made both of our eyes fill up with tears thinking of you trekking up a hill carrying a fan and other stuff. You are an awesome example to all of us of what it means to follow the Lord's leading. Praying for you!

Susan said...

Thank you guys for your responses! I love reading them. I love anything that resembles familiar communication right now - Esp. if "mamma" doesn't precede it. Love - Susan