Saturday, July 29, 2006

Love the Bells, Could do without Smells!

Good Morning! Rachel and I are having a quiet morning while Kendra & Bart sleep in. They should after all, Sundays here are not about work. They are for church, family, friends and relaxation - this was made clear in our lease agreement as well; no yard work, washing cars, etc... is considered acceptable here. So I will sneak in a bit of yard work today - we are up top and no one can really see us anyway.
Our back yard borders a farm that we discovered has goats and cows. I LOVE the sounds of the bells - some of the goats and cows wear them, not all. In the evenings especially you can hear the tinkling and it is very nice - lovely, lovely. But like all good things they come with a price. When the wind blows a certain direction, you definitely know we live next to a farm! The wind seems to shift early evenings when I am making dinner - dinner doesn't always smell good in the kitchen.
We would love to go to church but have found that without a car, it is near to impossible to visit the ones nearby. There are of course, Swiss churches nearby but the language thing... Finding that the language is definitely more of an issue in these smaller towns, need those lessons.
We are now sleeping in our own beds!!!! They feel lovely and the girls are loving their own rooms. So much togetherness over the past month+ has fostered a desire for private time in all. We had a good trip to Germany and the girls enjoyed meeting and getting to know their cousins Julia & Natalie. Of course, my "deathly scared of bugs" girl, Kendra, would be the one to get stung by a meat bee - while swimming of all things! We pray that both girls get over their bug and bee fears. I will address that topic in another blog - a misconception about Europe (Switzerland) and bugs!!!!!
This move has established what is now a proven fact - Bart takes up WAY MORE closet space than Susan does. I wait until he gets all his stuff in and then I take up the leftovers. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?! I will admit to more shoes but I even gave him an extra shoe rack!
Mmmm and no pic's til I can figure out a download from the pic printer to Bart's US laptop. Our hard drive got plugged in and promptly blew up - loud pop, spark, smoke and lovely smell of burnt plastic. Sooooooooo, I have no computer of my own for the time being.
More later - Love you all and God bless!


AntSoozie said...

Well it sound interesting so far and quite a change to now living in the farmland. I worked so hard yesterday (Sunday) in the yard I could have been arrested! I bet Kendra thinks that the meat bee is exclusive to SwissLand? Get there and get attacked by killer bees. Poor little one. Have fun exploring!!!! I thought of the girls today in seeing Hallmarks new ornament rollout. Cute princess stuff.
Love AntSoozie

Michelle Atkinson said...

I enjoyed reading a few of your blogs this evening. I think about you and your family often. Morgan had his tonsils and adenoids out today so both kids are tired and in bed. Amazingly, I had a few free minutes on my hands. Glad to hear you are adjusting. Good luck finding a church. That's one of the worst parts of moving, in my opinion.

Susan said...

Hope Morgan is doing well with the tonsils out - if Rachel keeps getting strep we'll consider it. Had a bad bout with a bacterial infection that all started with strep and I don't want to go thru that again. Yes, pray for us and our church experience here - not a lot of choice and we are still waiting to go - need a car! What's holding up our car right now is the Permit/Visa. Everything is a process and must follow the rules! Thanks for writing - Love, Susan

julie said...

I was so sad to miss your call today! I sat right down and emailed you and thought I'd tell you how much I love reading about your adventures and how much Natalie LOVED seeing a picture of Kendra! We miss you terribly! You were so much a part of our daily lives, there is a hole! But I'll get off my crazy dial-up computer and wait anxiously by the phone...hopefully we can finally get to talk very soon! I LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS!