Monday, July 10, 2006

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Well - We are finally getting on a plane today for Zurich! One more week of living out of suitcases as we should be able to get into our place next weekend and have beds(airbeds that is) by the 17th or 18th. I've not had tons of free time on the computer so a quick update. We truly enjoyed our week at my girlfriend Sissy's in Sacto. We got in some visits with friends in Orangevale and West Sacto(family) and that's about it. Some little people in our family did not appreciate getting in the car at all, for anything, once we got to CA after spending 4 days driving and I needed time to breath and recuperate from weeks of constant activity and planning. Didn't know how tired I was. My cousin Holly's wedding was beautiful and a hot 108 degree day. Then we spent several days alone as a family at the cabin in Twain Harte - played in the lakes, hiked and went to the infamous Twain Harte mini-golf course - girls get better every year. On to Fresno for more visiting with friends, back to Sacto. for more visiting with family and then flew out to DC. Our week with my mom has been great. Spent the 4th of July with thousands of others on the Capital Mall, were "strongly encouraged" to stay in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (ie.. they wouldn't let anyone out) with again, multitudes of others, while several severe thunderstorm cells passed over and then watched fireworks from the VA side of the Potomac over the Washington monument - Did I mention that it was REALLY HOT as well? But it was a rare opportunity and we are glad to have taken it. So we have spent the rest of the time shopping for essentials (taking a jar of PB and some Mac'n'Cheese), swimming and enjoying time with Mom. No pic's until we get our home computer back up and running - didn't realize how much I depend on that machine. All for now - have to stuff everything back into suitcases!

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