Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mein Nase ist Sensitiv

Yes. I have a sensitive nose. A sensitivity that banned seafood from being cooked in our house for almost 3 years. It started when I was pregnant with Kendra and in the midst of cooking Salmon, I threw it out and that was the end of that until some point in Iowa when I thought "I'd like to cook fish tonight." My nose has never been the same since that pregnancy.

I have a pan dedicated to fish. I won't cook fish in my other pans because the smell will linger and I don't want to smell fish while I'm cooking beef/chicken/whatever! I wipe down everything around the stove as well (including exterior of exhaust filters) after cooking fish and yet I still smell it well into the next day.


That is just ONE example of what bothers my nose. I also don't like to listen to people chew certain foods - it will send me out of my chair and out of the room. Too much information? Back to the nose.....

We have a dog again. He smells like a dog. My room smells like a dog. I smell like a dog. Actually, I think I smell like a dog who has Wild Rabbit treats in its pockets. I don't smell like Warm Vanilla lotion or Chanel Chance anymore. I try. But all I smell is dog.

When we had Max, I used my mom as my 'odor barometer.' She'd fly in and I'd always ask her to please let me know if the house smelled like canine when she walked in. It never did according to her. My dog (current and past) will receive regular baths at which point they don't really smell 'clean.' They smell like wet dog. But I know they're clean and besides which it leaves them very soft and shiny. They also smell somewhat better.

Is it worth the assault on my nose? Yes.

Off to explore the neighborhood with a little "eau de Salmon or Wild Rabbit" in my pocket. Hey - it's better than freeze dried liver!


Carol said...

You made me laugh out loud. I too have a phobia re: chewing foods. My nose isn't that particular, but my ears are. K and I are very similar in that arena. Noise hurts my ears thus my soft spoken ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan, I know what you mean with food chewing...hearing someone eat chips or any crackling nuts drive me nuts :) by the way, its me...Amabelle :)

Sarah said...

Hilarious. Moriah is the one in our house with the most sensitive nose. I agree with the chewing food comment. This has been a point of more than one "discussion" between Josh and me. He eats broccoli at nearly every meal. And I may or may not "throw a look" his way at every meal. ☺