Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Change....First Day of School ?

I suppose a "first day of school" isn't exactly what anyone was thinking when I mentioned we were making some adjustments in life. For this young lady, that's just what was in order:

There she is in her "pseudo" uniform. Today was her first day at a Christian school nearby. No - we had no problem with her current public school. Things were going along fine.

This change is an investment in her Middle School years - 6th through 8th grade. It's a result of her desire for a biblical education, smaller class sizes, a nurturing educational environment and some interesting experiences with the Middle School as we are experiencing through Rachel.

Rachel benefited from 2 good years at Middle School in Switzerland and while this year has certainly not been bad, it has been different. Not what we all expected and we've had a few "OMG" moments. And we have to launch Rachel off into the High School next year. I'm soooooooo NOT ready for that. I'll send her with prayers and the knowledge that she is God's first and entrusted to me - what a responsibility.

So Kendra had a good first day - complete with nice girls who came up right away to welcome her. She enjoyed the day and although it was hard to leave some friends behind, felt good about the decision. I dropped her off and stayed for the initial start of the day - pledge of allegiance and morning prayer - felt like I was back in school myself. It felt good.

I never did attend public school. I'm thankful for the sacrifices my parents made for my education. I'm willing to do the same as much as possible and as needed. I must say - it was great to pray for the kids before the start of their day.

The move mid-way through the year was a strategic move - if not now, there's a waiting list for Middle School at the new location. Kendra was willing to make a change to guarantee her place for next year. It's been a process and all I can say is that girl has a strength of character to be admired.

Talk about characters! Check out this "little guy":

He's kept me busy along with everything else but oh, worth it. He's keeping my feet warm right now. We had a good weekend with family in West Sacramento and he got to meet everyone! Short of a cousin who moved recently to Colorado. I was a bit concerned that all would go well and he's young enough that one worries still about the potty training but it went great.

All were in agreement that our breaking the "sleep in bed with the humans" habit is a good move for future dog sitters. He really would like to crawl right up in bed with me ( I admit it happened once in a moment of tired weakness) but the crate is the only place he should really be. There aren't many other bad habits we have to break although I should share the stomach obstruction issues we've had - or not! Needless to say - life has been full and while very, very Blog-able; little time to do so.

Enjoy your day! Take time to smell the daffodils - they're blooming in our neck of the woods already.


Katherine said...

Wow, that's exciting. Happy for Kendra. Does the Christinan school have a high school section? And Eiger is so handsome!

MomE said...

Go Kendra!! It takes guts to make choices away from our comfort zones. So proud of her! Glad to meet Eiger, he is a sweety.

Susan said...

Hi there! I think of you so often - great to see this update. Yay for Kendra, she is a champ. and thanks for the update on Eiger -- what a cutie. God bless you all.