Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Real Conversation between Mom and Girls

Girls 1 & 2: Mom, can we go up the hill by the big trees and stuff?

Mom: Yes, be careful, don't do anything stupid and stay away from big rocks.

Girl 1: Why?Mom: You know, in case there's snakes sitting in the sun. (Dad joined in on this one)

Girls are getting ready and I (mom) notice the "outfits" they are assembling for the journey.

Mom: OK - NO making weapons or tying up anybody or anything while you're out there.

Girl 1: OK - we won't tie anybody up.

Mom: Weapons?

Girl 1: Moooommmmm. Can't we bring our Swiss Army knives?

Mom: OK. But don't tie anything up or cut off your fingers.

Girl 2: What about the slingshot or my bow & arrow (handmade with backyard sticks)?

Mom: OK. You can take the slingshot but don't aim it at any living thing or person.

Girls: Thanks mom - see ya.

Out they go and I'm left wondering if there's something I forgot to tell them. Thankful that my .22 is locked up in dad's gun safe. Remembering they went tearing through the park just a few weeks ago, Rachel with large stick in hand, and me stomping my foot yelling "no running with sticks!!!" much to the amusement of my mom and sister. They also built a little "nest" bed for their 3 year old cousin in a tree during Thanksgiving break.

You may wonder where they get these ideas? They both just finished the "Hunger Game" trilogy which is completely and totally my fault as I read it and recommended they both read them so we could discuss together. The protagonist, Katniss, is a forager/hunter/protector and the girls loved the series. We're hoping the Movie rating is appropriate or I'll have some disappointment to deal with. I'm just glad they're not acting out the "fight to the death" portions and are focused on the "survival" portions.

So. What do your kids do for fun?


Anonymous said...

My kids used to have a lovely play house big enough for all to play in, (built by their dad)and a barn big enough for goat stanchions, feed, and kids, and goat kids. Daddy didn't always understand why they camped out in their red wagon and home made shelter nor when they used a 50 gallon barrel and a bunch of wooden boxes to make a train. Kids are funny little people but they grow up OK.
Maybe your girls take after their grandmother! You think?

Susan said...

I've been meaning to read The Hunger Games - but just keep putting it off. You have now convinced me I need to get busy!

Our kids (growing up in Anchorage, at least til middle school) had great times in the woods, on trails, making forts, etc.

I had the same woodsy childhood, also in Alaska - it's a great place to be a kid.

Katherine said...

Loved the series. I hope the movie is good. Funny conversation!

Heather O'Feather said...

No wonder our kids get along! Julian was recently on a mission for black electrical tape. Come to find out, he was dismantling a broken, old-school weeder (think long wood pole with a toothed wheel on the end). With a puffed out chest and a smile, he shows me this pole with both ends wrapped in the electrical tape and says, "Aren't you just so proud of me, Mom?"

Frankly, all I saw was something that I was going to have to constantly tell him to put down. But, Yes. I admired his creativity. But I was very happy that he picked it up off the street after it fell out of the garbage can on trash day.

So that he had a buddy to "fight" with, he created another one, for his brother, out of a long piece of pvc pipe he found in the garage (probably there for some useful purpose, and now I'll need to buy more).

Funny kids. I think they've read the Hunger Games, too. With your review, I may have to add that to my list of books to read.

Thanks for the good story.

the_quiet_one said...

Oh come on. Fighting till death is the best part. I mean was good is survival? It only engorges an already large population, where as deadly fighting and war control population and give you the chance to satisfy your grotesque human hungers by ripping off someone else's head and displaying it on a pike. Long live the beastie!

Olson Family said...

Yes - it all seems to run in the family doesn't it?

quiet one - it's no wonder I'm scratching my head with what to get you. a small guillotine perhaps?