Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to You!

Hi! A quick Merry Christmas!!!

We're sitting and watching White Christmas (Bart grinning as I sing along quietly). We're missing the snow and cold we've become accustomed to. A sweater was all that was needed today although it will be below freezing tonight - warming up again to 60's for tomorrow.

I did have a little funny that I referred to before - garlands. Kendra wanted to wrap the stairways and rails in greenery and I told her it would probably have to wait until next year. I promised to hit the after Christmas sales and buy it all at 50% off. But we had two boxes of Christmas stuff that had been in Des Moines storage and I really couldn't remember what was in there. Lo and behold, I started pulling out 9ft. after 9ft. length of greenery garland. I had enough to do both stairways and both fireplace mantels. Plus lights!

I looked at Bart and said "Did we start wrapping the front porch in Des Moines before we left?" Turns out we had and that's where it all came from. Yeah! I don't have to hit Michaels the day after Christmas now.

Getting things out of storage after 5 years has been a bit like opening a time capsule. And not everything you think should be "revived" is given life. The Christmas tree below is dressed with, not a proper tree skirt, but a big scrap of cloth. The proper tree skirt which had been used in Des Moines was stuck in the "storage" and did not travel with us to Zurich. Nor did the Christmas stockings.

Our first Christmas in Zurich, I realized my mistake and found a big piece of material to wrap around the bottom of the tree. The girls decorated paper bags for stockings. ANYWAY, when I put the proper tree skirt under the tree this year there was a protest. Turns out, the girls are attached to the way the tree looks with that big scrap of material and did NOT want the proper tree skirt. So - no tree skirt. I also asked if they wanted nicer stockings but they like their cheap drugstore stockings with names written in gold glitter. Works for me. My homage to Swiss decorating:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Sunny California!

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Anonymous said...

I think wherever your family is, or wherever you will be, you will always have the "right stuff!"