Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Brudda's

Oh, St. Petersburg can wait!

I am really enjoying time with my sister and her family. While there is a bit to do, there's also just a lot of sitting around holding the babies (and feeding and changing the babies). Since they're still so young and small (born at 33 weeks and now one week short of their original due date), they still eat & sleep most of the time. When they're not sleeping, they're happy to be held or laid down on their backs or tummies without a fuss. But - they like clean diapers and are quick to let you know!

T gives his brother some love.

I had Deb take advantage of my being here and sent her out with the 3 big kids for some fun this weekend. They really aren't hard to handle alone and as you can see, I managed a 'same time' feeding. They are on a good schedule and basically eat at the same time. In the NICU (hospital), they were only given so much time to eat and Deb has stayed consistent with that. They are good eaters, growing quickly and there's no guess-work as to whether they're really hungry or had enough.

Sweet little boys.

Bart warned me that I'd better not go home with a tan. Don't worry Hon - I won't. Not a beach trip to HI but the weather is warm, humid and breezy. The sun shines and I stay out of it 'cause it's too hot for me otherwise. Unless I was at the beach, then I'd suffer through it or float in the surf!

Miss my girlies! They're doing good in Zurich with Dad and we've Skype'd and called and things are going smooth. Thanks to all who have helped with that.

OK - 'big' boys due home from school any moment and I'd better clean up - so we can clean up again later........


Susan said...

Hi Susan - these are great photos! Thanks for posting them and giving us an update. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I hope you get to soak up a little but of the sun while there :-)

Katherine said...

Beautiful babies! Congratulations! So glad you were able to go help.