Monday, August 09, 2010

I want Carlos, Anastacio and Fabiana back!

Bags are unpacked. Again! And laundry is started and I have cooked one meal which consisted of spaghetti with sauce out of a jar and a can of corn. I made myself a coffee this morning but forgot to eat breakfast. We did manage lunch - baguette sandwiches - but my bed is still un-made and the floors that needed vacuuming before we left on our little vacation? Still need vacuuming.

But, if Carlos were here, my bed would have been made by time I got back from making my coffee. Anastacio and Fabiana would have made sure I had eaten and had something to drink. Complete with chef recommendations.

We got spoiled!

Thanks to Bart who researched and booked this vacation for us. We've spent the last 10 days in Stockholm, Sweden and on a cruise in the Baltic Sea (originating and concluding in Stockholdm with port stops in Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Riga, Latvia; Gydinia, Poland and Visby, Sweden (island of Gotland) ).

We had a great time and the 'cruise' form of travel was fun and better than we anticipated. Although I think we were all about 'done' with people and the tour buses by journey's end. At least I was. Yep, definitely ready for the peace and quiet of my own home in spite of all the housework facing me.

While we were gone, my sisters babies went home from the hospital! Yeah - much earlier than anyone expected - they're doing really good. My mom's out there now and I will be going in 10 days myself to help out too. In the mean time, have to get the girls all ready for school which starts next week and have the 'schedule' all timed out so that Bart and Girls can manage well while I'm away - Can't believe it.

So hopefully, Blogger will feel like loading my pictures later and I can take you on our trip!

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LadyFi said...

You were in Stockholm - hope you enjoyed it and that you saw how beautiful it can be in the sun! The Vasa Museum is great! Wonder what else you managed to see...

Welcome home.