Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snapshots of May #2

Are you hungry? You might be after this post. But maybe not - vegetarians and those on a diet should look away!

Freiburg, Germany: Nice afternoon spent with Bart's sister and her family. We really enjoyed our dessert. I should say "I" as Bart had all of one bite of this: A Swiss dish favorite of Kendra's (and yes, I cook too): Roesti with cheese, ham and an egg on top
This is not food. This was supposed to be my Mother's Day present but somehow it was delivered by mistake to the driveway next door and someone drove off with it. Fine! I wanted the 2 door Quattro Sport version (Maserati) anyway. Maybe next Mother's Day.......
This is how the terrasse was supposed to look when we had all the Company - including the 20 guests this past Sunday night. See, it doesn't rain ALL the time:
Science assignments out of foodstuffs. Rachel created a plant cell with jello, marshmellows, orange, strawberries, cashews and apple.
I guess I forgot to show off my dinner when I showed off my Mom's: veal tenderloin topped with cheese and grapes (may sound different but was delicioso), roasted potatoes and sauteed veggies
Kendra with her piggy from the bakery:
My sister's clever "packing peanuts" idea: Reeses Cups!
We had a big lunch in Luzern on Ascension day and so I had planned an Apero (Antipasti meal) for that evening. It was a big success! The kids opted for bean and cheese burrito's and our friend's son J was going for a 2nd helping until he saw.....
All of this. J decided against the 2nd burrito and enjoyed the cheeses, meats, stuffed olives and peppers instead. Yum!!!
We spent a beautiful evening in Zurich with our friends - it didn't rain 'til we got home!
We had made reservations at the Zeughauskeller which is a Zurich institution - restaurant in the old Armory building and if you want to try Sausages/Swiss entrees, this is the place. Always packed with tourists AND locals. There are other restaurants that do some of the Entrees better but don't have the atmosphere OR the sausages that the Zeughaus does. A treat for visitors.
Bart, F and J with the 1 meter (3 foot +) sausage:
They were so pleased with themselves - they ate the whole thing!
It's OK. Feel free to say "gross." The rest of the table did. In reality, I did have a taste and it was excellent - and non-greasy. Still.
Thus ends Show and Tell for the table. We're looking forward to Root Beer and stuff very, very soon. But probably won't be taking pictures of it. :)

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