Saturday, June 05, 2010

I think I'm back...

Yes, back for a short time before school let's out and summer begins. At which point, I'll take another bloggy break.

To put it in perspective, if possible, I've been in Italy, France, Germany, Liechtenstein (haha - if it counts), Malta and various locals of Switzerland in the past month. The guests room linens have been changed 3 times and tomorrow, the last guest for the season will depart. To be fair, the last guest is very low maintenance. No - it's not you Mom! :) This guest doesn't even drink coffee!!!!

How people (including my husband) function without coffee is a topic for another post I'm sure.

I have yet, it's true!, to finish going through all the pic's of the past month. So I'll be posting some randomly timed photos/stories as I go.

My mom was here for a week and it was a delight. No mountain hikes or running at full speed since she's in rehab for an ACL reconstruction. So we did some relaxing things - like eat.

Here we are at a favorite restaurant, the Leuschtenhaus, which is located in a vineyard/winery in connection with the Benedictine Kloster in Einsiedeln. Well, Blogger is NOT letting me move photo's around so we are a little out of sequence at this point. Another aspect that was enjoyable yet time juggling were the multiple recitals/concerts at this time. Here's Rachel during Gypsy Airs:
While back at the LeuschtenHaus, Kendra is ready to dive into some Roesti mit Kaese: Mom, she had the "Zurcher Art" which I would recommend to any non-vegetarian who is visiting the Zurich area. Thinly sliced, tender veal with a creamy, white wine mushroom sauce with roesti (similar to a large hash-brown).
I think she liked it:
Mom and I ventured over to Stein am Rhein. A small, walled city on the border of Switzerland and Germany (located on the Rhein river). Had a great time, more good food and took the road less traveled according to the GPS. Always an adventure.
In spite of the 26 days of rain and gloom we had in May, the skies did stay clear enough for our venture into Zurich. We intended to go to the Landesmuseum (Swiss history museum) but forgot it was Monday - most museums are closed on Mondays - so we had to go shopping instead.
And we had to eat a bit of apple streudel with coffee/chocolate at the Felix Cafe. Torture!
Since my mom was visiting and I hijack her memory card, I have access to pic's I didn't take. Pic's that are still precious to me and that I can show off. Thank you very much sister.
Here are the two big boys that will be brothers to twin boys this summer. They were performing in Waikiki with their dance company while my mom was visiting. Awesome! What I found real interesting was: they show up, often 2 hours, ahead of the performance - so all the costumes can be sewn. The leaves are picked up fresh and sewn together by parents who know the art. I looked at my mom with a raised eyebrow - No! your sister isn't allowed to do this. Neti (their dad) does. Whew!!!! My sister does many things and is highly skilled in her profession. Sewing crafty things is not one of her skillz. Love ya, Deb!
And before all the craziness of May began, there was Mother's Day:
I was reminded today what a lucky mom I am. Two precious girls who love each other and their parents. Who make us laugh every day and are a delight.
Very, very Blessed.


Sarah said...

All of the pictures are great, but the Mother's Day! Beautiful mom of beautiful girls!

Olson Family said...

Thank you Sarah - I have Bart take a pic of us every Mother's day, although I think there are a couple we've missed. Someday, I'll have to line them all up!

Carol said...

Great photos! Love the first shot of all the 'girls'. Did you give Mum a 'good girl' for finishing her plate?

Enjoy your summer.

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

I loved the pictures! Drooling over the pictures of food...anything "mit Kaese" is my fav! And Rachel...she is looking more young-womanish, isn't she? So beautiful, both of your girls! (and you, too...agree with Sarah, great Mother's Day pic!)

Natalie asked me if this would be the summer she sees Kendra and I had to tell her most likely not. But I hope a reunion for those two will happen someday. Love you and hugs to all!

Mom E said...

It was really special spending time with "the girls" and being treated to such a great dinner....worth the price of a ticket anyday!!! Only wish I had gotten pics of the air guitar player at the concert the girls put on for me...He..was really good and most entertaining!!!