Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK - another post re: Bathrooms and THEN I'm done

OK - I have been made aware that, although I do not like the placement of the electric outlet in our bathroom, I am sooooooooooo lucky to have it.

I didn't realize that the UK/British are not allowed electric outlets in their bathrooms at all and thus have power strips/cords for items requiring electricity. My sympathies to you!

As an electrician's daughter, I can see the inherent danger in having anything electric around water sources but, electric strips/cords?, in the bathroom? Confounds the mind.

I've been racking my brain trying to remember our hotel rooms in London. I believe I do recall that those were locations (and there've been a few others) where they have a "shaver" outlet available in the bathroom vanity and a built-in wall hair-dryer. But no outlets that would accomodate a heat appliance, aka. curling iron.

I find it so comforting to have my curling iron heating up on a desk surface next to the hotel phone in case I need call for emergency in case of fire. Can't tell you how often that happens in Europe.

Thing is: Overall, in Europe, one's hair is not an overdone accessory the way that it can be (gulp - not trying to offend anyone at home in the States) in the States. Remember - I was just in So Cal for 2 weeks and felt like I had to 'do' my hair everyday (btw - I was blown away by some of the interesting hair trends at home - just sayin').

I take my flattening iron/curler (a 2 in 1 thingy) when we travel because those hotel built-in wall hair-dryers DO NOT WORK. Eventually, they may dry one's hair. And by time your hair is "dry," it's a frizzy mess. The iron takes up less space & weight in the luggage so I choose my evil. You will notice I often have my hair in a ponytail. Also very popular.

I lost track. Where am I? OK - point is. I'm more grateful for my electrical outlet today even though I practically go on tiptoe to reach it. AND - don't be surprised if you travel in Europe and cannot find a bathroom outlet for your blow dryer/curling iron.

FYI - as warned before - many US curling irons don't work in Europe depending on the converter you buy. An outlet adapter is not enough - you also need an electric converter. Even then, it may not work.

On that cheery note, I bid you a snowy farewell.

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