Monday, January 18, 2010

CA - And that's all folks......(of CA for now)

This will be the last from the Holiday trip. Not that I don't want to relive all the fun with family but it is time to move on. Not sure to what. That wicked sore throat I refered to? On the 10th day I went to the Dr. - I did make the appt. on Thurs. (6th day) but did I ever mention that one should not attempt to get sick or make an appt. on Thurs.'s? - and lo, and behold! I have Strep. A "non-agressive" version - no fever, coughing, nasal congestion - according to him. Just sore throat & fatigue. I knew something wasn't right but have never had Strep without a high fever - go figure. So I don't have too much fun to report from Switzerland at the moment.

In the midst of my feeling poorly for myself, I do NOT complain. I am tired but I have so much. We are so blessed and fortunate to have our homes, clean water, good food and family. It is heartbreaking to watch the Haiti coverage. Such devastation.

In our women's Bible study this week, we covered a topic re: Fear. The writer (Beth Moore) says "The most critical breakthrough of faith you and I could ever experience is to let God bring us to a place where we trust Him - period. We don't just trust Him to let us avoid what we fear most. We determine to trust Him no matter what, even if our worst nightmare befalls us." She gives these 'fill in the blanks':

  • "If ___________, then God will take care of me."

  • "If __________, then God has a plan."

  • "If ____________, then God desires to accomplish something monumental in me."

  • "If __________, then God's going to demonstrate His sufficiency to me."

There are many things I fear as a mom, a wife, a daughter - I can't let that fear rule me. It is a conscious decision to give it up to God. It's (fear) not from God and it prevents me from trusting in him - completely. The people of Haiti have realized their worst fears. I don't know nor could I contemplate what God's purpose and plan is for that country and the people suffering there. But I know He is Soveriegn and He has a plan.

OK - my transitions are very bad today. Bear with me.

Because now we're headed to Disneyland.

We met these cute little Hawaiian kids at Disneyland and figured we could hang with them for the day. Our last day together before we flew in opposite directions for another 1.5 yrs or so - I hate thinking it will be that long but at the same time, it goes quickly and we will be closer! More opportunities! OK - we all know the Jungle Cruise doesn't have any real animals but, OHH!!!, the fun these guys had. Their expressions were priceless and we did have an amusing "guide." LAKERS!!!!!

These girls had a great time. The game was a blowout, Lakers 131 vs Dallas 96, but we stayed to the very end. I tried explaining that back when mommy & daddy went to games and the score was this spread, we'd have been leaving at the 5 minute mark to beat traffic out of the Forum parking lot. But these are different days. The girls wanted to stay to the end and the Staples Center is NICE. Leaving was a breeze....
If you ask Rachel about the game, the first thing out of her mouth will be "I got a foam finger." She is 11. Not quite a 'child', not quite a 'teen.' Yes, she even refers to herself as a 'tween.' Someday, she might give up the foam finger. We'll see. Cracks us up!!!
Bart did some legwork and we were able to get seats in the Firm box. Thank You Firm! Kids are spoiled!!! Bart & I used to go to games when we were dating - sitting in the nosebleeds.
We also did a little touristy stuff on an absolutely beautiful LA day. Bart & I don't remember SoCal being this clear when we lived there oh, so many years ago. We could see the Hollywood sign, city of LA clear to San Bernardino mountains & Mount San Jacinto - across the whole LA Basin. Beautiful.
We had lunch at the Farmer's Market. Last time I was there was, gulp, 23/24 years ago. A friend and I split a wine cooler (yes, we were 'living on the edge' college students) and sat there to people watch. I love to people watch. It's one of my favorite activities. I'd rather be the person watching than the one being watched. It's good to be self aware.
The real reason we drove into LA for the day:
To spend some Christmas money. Thank You Gma Vel & Gpa Paul & Gma Elaine/John & Gpa/Gma Olson!!! Love, Rachel & Kendra
We have Gma Vel & Dr. Frank to thank for this feast. A restaurant would have been good but
with this 'gang' we thought a fun lunch at home would be even better! They don't have In 'n Out in Hawaii OR Switzerland - Good Stuff! Uncle Jason scored with the kids by snagging some hats.
Neither the pictures or words can ever do justice to the experience of being with ones family. Not for me. I love my sisters and I miss being close to them. I miss being in the same time zone - which we haven't been for about 7 years (15 with Deb) - or at least within the same 3 - 5 hours. Email's not the same.
I love you ladies!!! And mom, and dad, Gma Vel, Gma/Gpa Olson, and etc..............


Makila said...

Doing the Esther study? I loved, loved, loved the Fear chapter. Oh, I should read it daily.

Olson Family said...

Yes - the Esther study. Fear not, fear not, fear not - should be a constant mantra! You look beautiful Gracelyn's mommy!

Judy said...

Love those Hawaiian cousins! So fun you got to spend time with them and your sisters.