Sunday, November 01, 2009

Girls Just Wanna have Fu-un, Oohh, girls just....

Time is marching on whether we like it or not. We (Bart & I) are getting older. So are the girls! Yikes!!!

October 31st came and went for us like any other day. No Trick or Treating, no carved pumpkins (although we have some cute little ones decorating the entry-way) and no bags full of good Halloween Candy.

But - there were costume occasions on Friday night and Sunday night so Rachel and Kendra didn't miss out on ALL the fun.

The Middle School had a Halloween dance on Friday night. So Rachel went dressed up 80's style. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had a lot of fun buying some accessories at Claire's. Well, we also did a foofy skirt and big hair bow and big hair. She loved it. So did I.

She did mention that I was using quite a lot of hairspray to which I replied "It's all part of the 80's sweetheart." She learned the whole "curl your hair, flip your head over, spray, flip your head back up, spray some more" trick to getting "big hair."

She had a great time and Mom & Dad think she turned out pretty cute. This one - is pretty in pink:
Kendra went to Trunk & Treat at her school - both to get a little candy and to fundraise for the sister school in Ghana (this is a traditional 3rd grade project). She went as Lola - Hannah Montana's sidekick from the TV show.
Kendra loves the wigs and it's funny - a blond wig doesn't look quite natural on her but pink, pink looks pretty cute.
So another year of costumes has gone by. You'll see more of that purple lame in years to come.
We were in an Antique/Brockenhaus (a shop that mixes antiques with estate sale/Goodwill stuff (minus clothing) ) and I came upon two rolls of fabric - one purple lame and one purple netting. Each roll was marked only 7chf - for 14chf I got about 20 metres of fabric - SCORE. That's a lot of costumes/craft materials. And very 80's.
Don't laugh! I went to a college formal in an orange/bronze lame dress. Those were the days....


Sarah said...

LOVE the costumes!!!

Makila said...

Where is the picture of you from the prom??? :)