Friday, June 19, 2009

Whew! I made it....

I have survived the week and had my first good night of sleep. It is now Friday and the rain is coming down. No swimming on the first day of Summer break for us. Now, yesterday, yesterday would have been a great day to go swimming in the land of no air conditioning considering the 90 degree temps. But yesterday was full to the brim with events, dropping off and picking up, cleaning up behind everyone and finally deciding that I didn't have time to make dinner and would pick up McD's on the way back from the last kid pick-up.

It started to rain at 7pm - right as I picked Rachel & friend up from the Strandbad (like a local swimming pool only on the lake) and it's been raining since. I'm sure if we look at last June's posts, I would have been talking about the rain then too. One of the rainiest months of the year for us. They we fly out to CA where it's hot, dry and brown - vs - cool, wet and green.

But CA is full of family and friends that we just can't wait to see. I'm starting to pack, lightly, and get things organized. It's actually easier to do as it's raining and I'm not tempted to be outside. I can tell I need to pause in writing though as, due to rain, I have two bored 8 year olds needing assistance. I'll be back...

I'm back. It's Saturday now. Furiously trying to get all the emails I've had to ignore attended to. And my dear, sweet, loving husband just killed the fly that's been irritating me all morning. On my head. I'm just not sure what to say about that - besides gross and I'm glad I hadn't taken a shower yet so I can clean up!

This week has been a blur and we've had to say goodbye to school friends, work friends, Bible study friends and then there will be others. There are a lot of people moving "back" to various places. Some due to the economic times and some as it is the time of life to move on. Hard either way. It hasn't quite hit me yet. For once, we're not the ones doing the leaving.

So - I woke up to this note yesterday morning. Rachel had a friend sleep over and they were up bright and early. I love that we live in a place where they can just go out and walk and I don't worry about it (not too much anyway). Especially as these same children will be taking the city buses and train to school next year. Yikes! We organized an nice party for Kendra's 2nd grade class. Here is the Swiss game "Schoggi-essen". Each child rolls a die and when they land on 6, they must put on hat, gloves (we skipped this), scarf and glasses and then use a knife & fork to unwrapped a well-wrapped piece of chocolate and eat it. The die is rolling all the time so it can be a long game if they are having to switch costume all the time. Knives and chocolate - perfect for a Swiss game. It was hilarious!
Rachel's 5th Grade Celebration - they all head to the Middle School in Kilchberg next year. She and her violin are way in the back. This is the largest 5th grade class to finish - 100 students. I thought this particular pic was funny with the parents in the foreground - all the little camera's and video. They (orchestra, band and choir) did a great job playing together on "We're all in this together" - first time they've done a full program together as they usually stick to "their own kind" in the music realm.
This was one view out our window this week. It seems like all of Switzerland is under construction this year and very often you will find your very nice view obscured by these cranes. We're lucky, this one was gone the next day.
What do a field mouse, frog, salamander, giant slug, bees and spiders have in common?
Our pool filter basket. Eeewwww!
Of course Bart is at work while I play "pool girl" so I have to find creative dumping grounds. Yuck!
What is this guy doing on my Sweet Williams?! I love the Sweet Williams as they remind me of my Gma Vel. Hi Gma Vel!!!! I think about you while I garden. You wouldn't like this guy in your garden either.
The weather has been generous in the beautiful sunset department - even as it brings huge thunderstorms.
The mist was pink right above the Lake.
Words cannot describe. Thank you God.
I will probably not have time to post again before we head to the States on Monday. Such a full week. I have a hard time sorting it all. Will do it over time and some of it may make it onto these "pages" and some not.
What I do know is there are so many wonderful people all over the world. Some will be moving here shortly. Some are leaving as of today. We are so fortunate to have crossed paths. And then it will be our turn again.
Looking forward to seeing my Dad, and S/family and the extended family next week. I'll try to find a quiet minute here and there to post. It's been a YEAR since we've been in the States so I'm prepared to be overwhelmed and just enjoy some great visits with everyone.


Linds said...

Have a wonderful time in the States, Susan - I hope we get to catch up again when you get back. I will probably be in Engelberg then.
I loved your photos - just stunning sunsets over the lake, but the slug....UGH. I loathe them.
Fly safe and have a lovely time with your family and friends.

Susan May said...

Your sunset shots are just beautiful. Can't wait to see photos of your trip ... have a great time!

Jolyn said...

Have a lovely trip! Or you know, at least uneventful. About the best you can hope for with flying nowadays.

And that slug is disgusting. When my son was 2 he ran running to me from outside, all the way to the back of the house, with a slug in his hand. Ew. We lived in Italy at the time. All those rains I guess.