Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello from Sunny & Hot California

Well - we made it to CA safe and sound. The girls are great travellers and are about completely over the jet lag - I'm almost there. :) It's nice and HOT here but this year we don't have the fires this summer to spoil the atmosphere so far.

Feeling quite fat & happy as we have indulged in a few things: root beer, Round Table Pizza, Cheez-its, Lucky Charms and In 'n Out Burger.

Did you know you can use a credit card at In 'n Out Burger? At the drive-thru window? Apparently you can do this at most fast food restaurants now. Who knew? Not us!

My girlfriend laughed at me and said we'd been out of the country too long.

On the same day I was trying to figure out how to give $.20 in change to the coffee lady. Since there is NOT a .20 coin in the US but I handle one in Switzerland on a daily basis. Then I spilled out all my Swiss & US coins on the floor - I'm sooooo embarrassing! But the Peet's coffee was GOOD!


Susan May said...

I just peeked in here, and was happy to see a post! Peet's coffee - yum. I have also spilled the Swiss coins all over the place at home in the U.S. Have a great time!

Makila said...

Yeah, most places take Credit Cards. :)

Sarah said...


Can't wait to see, "Hello from Hot & Humid Iowa!"

Linds said...

Have a wonderful time! It is good to know you are there!

Jolyn said...

You are so funny. Welcome to the land of convenience and credit and the customer is always right!

Judy said...

I remember having a list of places and things to eat. One home leave was after the state quarters starting being issued. I was so confused at first thinking that my own country had changed the money and I didn't know what was what!