Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer trip to MN/CA - Part 1

What can I honestly say about this pic? My kids LOVE the Mall of America. And not because they love to shop. They like the rides in the amusement park - big enough to be thrilling for kids their age. First day in the States/Minneapolis - After waking up anywhere between 3:45 - 4:30am, we decided to turn the lights on around 5am and were down at the hotel breakfast by 6:30 or so. At 7:15, I felt like my morning was done and we wondered what we could do before the Mall opened at 10am. So we did some 'stuff' in the room and headed to Target for an hour, then got front row, no one even close to us, parking at the Mall - we're pathetic - and spend the day with our shopping list and riding rides. We did our part to stimulate the US economy. It didn't seem to work (the boosting the economy part) but we got the things we needed. We spent the next several days with Bart's parents, Barbara & Ralph, up in NoWestern Minn. Think Fargo and driving for miles without passing another vehicle. We had a very nice visit and due to frequent thunderstorms which necesitated us staying indoors, I did not have to bath myself or the family in bug spray. I really hate the bugs up there.
We then headed to sunny, brown and smoggy/smokey CA. We stayed with Kris & Jason for a full week and really loved our time with them and the new baby. We really enjoyed holding and loving that little girl, Jayden. She's pretty serious - watches everyone intensely. But get her alone in a quiet room and she was really trying to coo and talk. It was so sweet. And so great to see my baby sister with her own! I get to call her the baby now since she loves to introduce my as the "oldest" sister. I'm not even 'older' now, it's 'oldest.' Hmm - wonder how much Debbie's paying her to work that in.
Ooooo - had to stop for In n' Out on the way back from San Diego Zoo trip. Yum. I think my first In n' Out burger was 1986 when they were still just in the LA/Orange County area. We drove about 45 min. from the College campus just to eat there...and an hour to Tommy's Burgers by USC but I digress...... Three amigos. I hope they will be friends someday - not just cousins. And we look forward to the day when we can get a pic with Deb's kiddo's too.
I have a few more pic's to share but wanted to get started or I'll never keep up with anything. Lost a day last week (travel), jet-lag, Mom and John arrived Sat. morning, trying to pick up life here after being gone for 3 weeks - Whew!

Sending Mom & John up to the mountains tomorrow and we will follow in a couple days. Our favorite bit o' Switzerland - Lauterbrunnen Valley and up the mountains. John is hoping to do the Eiger this year if the weather is OK but we've had cool and yes, snowy weather in high elevations so we'll see. As for us, we may be hiking the lowlands, watching German cable on the apartment TV and eating fondue.


Julie said...

Love reading about your trip and seeing your beautiful niece! Sorry I've been kinda MIA...bathroom remodeling does that to me. But most of the decisions are made. Well, Kevin is calling to me right now to head to Lowe's to pick out our last item, a faucet. But that should be easy, I hope!

mandy said...

LOVED the pictures! that sounded like a much-needed getaway. :)
or maybe a get-back.