Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All about Me! Just for fun.

OK - I cannot link for the life of me and these questions are off of someone else's blog but the first one sort of caught me so I thought I'd put out my offerings. How's that for a rambling, run-on sentence.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

In a nutshell, I was a Manager at a CPA firm, commuting approx. 2/1/2 hrs a day, 8 1/2 mo's pregnant, sleeping with my dog on the floor while my husband was visiting his parents in Minn. for a week between jobs.

I could leave it at that couldn't I? Honestly - all of that is true for this very week exactly 10 years ago.

I really was looking forward to maternity leave (Aug. 1st, 1998) and we were facing the aftermath of Bart telling the firm he had only become a partner in 9 mo's previous that he was leaving for a another Firm. The 'Firm' he is with today and in spite of all the initial gut-wrenching has proven to be the best decision. His former firm said "Fine - clean out your desk and have a nice life." Not quite like that but close - he had 'grown up' there and well....

So he and I decided that he should take this unexpected free time and visit with his parents in MN - I'd be fine alone - not due until Aug. 22nd or so. With the dog who was scheduled for joint surgery (front leg). Bart enjoyed a lovely visit with his folks.

Max had his surgery and insisted on coming home instead of staying at the Vet overnight. Actually, he'd have been fine if his 'mom' hadn't gone over to the Vet to check on him at 9:30pm when they said I could. As soon as I spoke, he woke up and tried in vain to get up and come to me. The Dr. and I decided I'd take him home - thinking he'd be more comfy. The Dr. had to lift him (all 95 lbs of dead dog weight) into the back of the Suburban and then I had to wait for a neighbor to get home to get him out (he couldn't stand up yet). Max growled a bit at Doug - he was pretty doped up (Max, not Doug), and I felt bad but we got him into the house and on a big blanket in the front room.

I tried to go to bed, but Max kept whining. So I went out and set myself up on the comfy couch. But by 2am I was down on the floor curled up with the dog who couldn't sleep unless I was right there - he kept crying and whimpering. With my big belly between us.

So that's where I was 10 years ago this very week. I really miss Max.

My favorite snacks?

Cheesy things - or just plain cheese. In fact, I just finished a little bowl of Nacho Cheese Dorito's - yes, I can get them here, Hooray!

On my To-Do List?

Finish packing for Wengen

Catch up on emails

Download pictures

Clean house for Aug. 1 party

Work on pile of books/magazines that threaten to spill off of the end table

Ask Bart - I'm sure I'm missing something that he'd be happy to fill in

Job's I've had?

Lifeguard/Swim teacher, Camp counselor/worship team, BLM Wildland fire-fighter, admissions clerk, payroll clerk, construction firm secretary, CPA, church treasurer and MOM!

Places I've lived?

Sacramento, CA - Riverside, CA - San Ramon, CA - Urbandale, IA - Waedenswil, Switzerland

Bad Habits?

Eating desserts/snacks after I put kids to bed, checking email/blogs in the morning, cleaning... - why should I reveal anything more? These are my bad habits and I'm not likely to change right now.

5 Random things people may not know about me?

1. Well - previously revealed. I was a wild-land fire-fighter in college for a summer. In No. Calif. in a little town called Cedarville that boasted a population of 600 at the time. And 2 hours to the nearest fast food restaurant. Which at 20 yrs old and going to school in So. Cal. seemed pretty tragic at the time. I remember listening to a lot of Genesis - loudly - as I'd go down the street " I can feel it, coming in the air tonight...." It was hard work but we had a lot of fun. And I learned how to drive the fire truck and use a chain saw. I didn't like the chain saw and haven't picked one up since.

2. My voice teacher was the gentleman who played Rolf in "The Sound of Music." And we never sang songs from that movie for lessons.

3. I worked at the Tyler Mall in Riverside for 4 months. That was enough. Done with retail. Prefer the other side of the register.

4. I am an introvert and a 'closet' claustrophobic (guess that's 2 things). I can be happy just by myself for long periods of time. No offense to anyone. Just how I am. But I can't sit still to save my life. And cannot stand to be in loud, noisy crowds. I do Disney for my family.

5. I get really nervous having to speak in front of people - singing is fine, speaking - No. And I generally don't remember what I've said. Which seems to surprise either the audience at church when I lead worship or the ladies that had me for a Bible study leader. Apparently, God is gracious and lends me a voice.

CD's I'd have on a deserted Island?

Some showtunes (Sound of Music, Evita, Phantom..), Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, Bon Jovi, John Denver, Josh Groban, Trisha Yearwood, U2, the Police

What would I do if I had a Billion $$$?

Tough question. I don't expect to get $1,000,000,000 and therefore the time and energy it will take to write what I would do with it is taking away from the #1 item on my To-Do list which is to pack for Wengen.

That is where we are headed today. Meeting mom and John up there and have some plans to go hiking and maybe head up to the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe) if the weather cooperates. We'll be back next Tues. or so.

So until next week - Enjoy and God Bless!


Shelly W said...

Hello, Susan. I noticed your blog address over on Boo Mama and had to check out your blog. My family and I are coming to Switzerland next week for a missions trip. We will be staying in Adelboden, serving Wycliffe missionaries from the Middle East who will be having a conference there. I've never been to Switzerland before, and I'm very excited. Just wanted to say hi!

Linds said...

Hi - I saw your comment on BigMama's blog and popped over to visit. I live in the UK, but spend most holidays in Switzerland. My sister lives in Engelberg (just south of Luzern) and it is my favourite place on earth! You would love going up Mt Titlis, and getting trotti bikes down the last part.
I will be back to visit again!