Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A little Consumer Frustration

This is a quickie:

Have you ever tried to order online only to find your entire order (and all that time spent) is cancelled with the last click on the "process order" tab?

I've decided it's a Swiss conspiracy. Somehow my computer is marked. It prevents me from ordering things online from USA companies - with my USA credit card - to a USA address. Because perhaps, that order will actually worm it's way into Switzerland and they want to charge VAT (value added tax) and duties on it!

Not that I would ever, ever order things, ship to my Mom and have her bring in the luggage. Not I. How depressing.

More depressing has been the fact we don't even have to think about the exchange rate anymore. It's been at $1 to 1chf for the last month - give or take a few cents.

It's why I'm trying to 'smuggle' cheaper goods from home. Example - Bart & I just realized we will have to hit our travel supplies for contact solution as we didn't realize we were on the last bottle. He said "yeah, but you can buy that here" I said "for 25 chf! why do you think we always bring a couple bottles back with us?"

$25 for a bottle of contact solution. Let's all scream together! Some things you can't get here - like Mac N Cheese and Nyquil. The basics of life.

As I leave you with that lovely thought, let's just hope Swiss customs doesn't read my blog. My bag will be stuffed this summer.

Update - I just bought a new bottle of contact solution for ONLY 19.60chf ($19.20) in another village. Score?!!! (Mom - add contact solution to the shopping list:-)! )

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