Wednesday, April 09, 2008

California Baptist University - Alumni Update

"Susan Olson (nee Bianco '89) is currently a stay-at-home mom in Switzerland while her husband is on rotation with the military."

I will ask for comments as I must know who's brain is turned on - How many of you think this is funny and for what reasons?

This was the blurb that landed in the latest edition of "The Roundtable." I had never added any information update to anything I sent my alma mater until this past winter. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I would put in a line about how far I've traveled from So Cal. I also didn't want to put in a lot of detailed information. Obviously leaving out the specifics of my husband's job. And God Bless the wives of our military. I'm just not one of them, that's all.

Apparently "living in Switzerland while my husband is on an International rotation with his job" translates to "rotation with the military." Which actually would be nice because then I could go to the PX (or PK ?- you can see how familiar I am with military terms) on base and buy things at cheapo prices - but I can't as the prior post will attest to.

I bet they don't get Rick Warren's info. wrong when he sends in his update. Well, if he sent it in. Which he probably doesn't have to.

And at least they put my name on there. For about 10 years it appeared that Bart was the one who had attended Cal Baptist according to their records. Makes me feel special. It really does.



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