Monday, October 29, 2007

"Trunk or Treat"

Here are the girls flanking their friend, R, for "Trunk or Treat."Rachel talking with her friend, V, during the festivities.
As Trick or Treating is a very "US of A" custom, habit or holiday - however you wish to view it - an effort has to be made if your kids want to participate in this Fall ritual of childhood. This is not a popular European thing to do. The PA at the International School, sponsors a "Trunk or Treat" in which parent come and park their vehicles in the school lot and it becomes a tail-gating trick or treat time. Most everyone decorates their trunks with Halloweeny type decor and jack'o'lanterns (and pumpkins are HUGELY expensive here). And one parent sits at the car handing out candy while the others walk from car to car with their little goblins, princesses and superheroes. The majority of the crowd is US followed by native Engl. (Austr., Canada & UK) but there were some European families as well.
So the girls had fun and came home with their loot. Much of which I'm sure we'll throw away in a month as usual. Especially as most of the candy is not necessarily to Mom & Dad's liking (fruit taffy's and weird gummy things). Not that we ate all our kids candy before but occasionally raided the pumpkin for a Snickers or 3 Muskateer. We might have to look at having some "real" Halloween candy shipped over next year! Thank you Mom for the pumpkin Peeps!
An added note: I used to have a jacket similar to that of R's above - all gold and puffy. About 15 years ago. When I was a lot younger and my jacket had bigger shoulder pads and a snug waist - it was a ski jacket. AND I wore it. Probably looked like a Battlestar Galactica cast member but it was cool at the time. It no longer graces my closet. And as cute as R looks in it, I don't think I can pull off the look again in my lifetime. But never say never with fashion - it always comes back around and we manage to sneak in a "look" one way or another :). Although - the leg warmers have been back in various ways and forms but you will never find them anywhere near my legs. I have proudly forsaken them since 1983!

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