Monday, August 20, 2007

Vienna - 2nd Half

Took a very nice tour of the Opera House - would like to get tickets someday.
We took the girls to a small Mozart/Strauss concert in a nearby Palais. Here they are enjoying their OJ during the brief intermission. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and especially enjoyed the few pieces that were accompanied by dancing (they were fun, humorous numbers). The conductor was also the 1st/solo violin and so that was of added interest to Rachel as she starts her violin lessons this week.
Schloss Shoenbrunn - nice little summer getaway for the Austrian Royal Family isn't it. Started in the 17th Century as the summer home of Empress Maria Therese and as time went by, was used as a more permanent residence. Considered 2nd in Europe to Versailles. I am a bit partial to this particular location - a bit more understated than Versailles, don't you think? Anyway - the girls loved the Carraige museum and had all sorts of grand plans - "Can't we get a little carraige just to play with?" "We could get a pony to pull it and drive it all around" "And we could have our friends over and drive them around" We were quick to point out that there will never be any carraiges and horses in our backyard - no can do!
The Shoenbrunn hosts the oldest zoo in Europe and everyone was very entertained by this polar bear and his 5 gal. box. It was finally determined the zookeepers had put fish in this container and he was determined to get it. He would throw it, drag it under water, hug it - it was a riot.
Looking from the Schloss toward the gardens which lead to the Glorietta (an impressive looking piece of architecture designed to make ones summer house look very grand and important - as if it needed that extra little touch!). Hey - we have kids who can take our picture now - what fun! There have been a few heads chopped off but for the most part, they do a decent job.

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