Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Copenhagen Weekend

Ah - Is Kendra contemplating the 50% Sale signs at Armani? She already has bags on hand - doing a little damage? Run Away Kendra Run Away!!!!!!!
Brightly colored buildings along the Nyhavn canal. Yes, we are on the canal tour boat - one of the touristy things we like to do as it shows you alot of a city from a different perspective and we can rest our feet for an hour.
The Hans Christian Andersen "Little Mermaid" statue in the harbour.
Bicycles are THE mode of transportation here during the summer. And it doesn't matter the attire while riding - everything from shorts & tennis shoes to skirts & high heels. And ladies - a lot of leggings worn with skirts here. It is not a trendy thing as it is in many other countries - it helps with keeping the legs warm then the breezes blow off the North Sea. I wish I had brought a pair on this trip.
The beautiful Opera House in the harbour. Copenhagen is full of very interesting architecture - old and new. And while one might not always be a fan of the modern look, it really suits the landscape here. We really enjoyed the interesting new modern buildings (a lot of glass - beautiful) and the classic, colorful older ones.

On an interesting people note - this was our first venture into a Scandinavian country. We saw so many people there who reminded us of friends we had in Iowa (heavy Scand. decent area). And as you do tour through the countries and/or airports - you do see someone familiar looking, think of who they remind you of, consider the last name and realize that the gene pool is still at work.

School starts the 20th so we are taking our last summer trip to Vienna which we loved when we visited without children 11 yrs ago. We look forward to going back and hope we still love it! So until then......

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MOM E said...

The girls must take after me, I thought the shops in the airport in Copenhagen were very cool too...and I saw the Mermaid just last night on Jeopardy. It was part of a question, should have looked at your blog first...would have known the answer.