Monday, June 25, 2007

Trip Update

No Pic's - Haven't downloaded anything as we don't have our own computer. But I must say we have had a great time so far. Iowa was wonderful (complete with heat, winds and the obligatory severe thunderstorm) and it was soooooo good to see some very familiar smiles if only for a short time. And all the kids have grown or changed. So much happens in that 6 - 9 year range with teeth and face shape - they are soooo cute. Ready to move back. But, we are liking the whole Swiss experience too - so maybe someday. We know things change in time but were overjoyed that it seemed like just last week when we drove in and out of Rocklyn Cir. from our own driveway. More later on that.
We are in West Sac. which is hot but the Delta Breezes are blowing so it's not too bad. We head to my girlfriends today in Orangevale and pick up Bart Wed. night - Yeah. The girls are having a good time - lots of visiting and late nights. Rachel finally caught up on some sleep - slept til 9am this morning which is late for that early bird. Kendra actually got out of bed first which happens about once every 6 months or so. Have seen almost all the family out here at least once - guys are missing in action but we will get to all sooner or later. Dad is coming over to have lunch so I will sign off.

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