Monday, June 11, 2007

I was sitting in the Dentist's Chair

Warning: Today's blog has NOTHING to do with Switzerland and everything to do with being a mom. I should have traded jobs with Bart for the day. At least the meetings part with the chocolates on the table, probably got another free pen, cookies or something at the break - and how's your Brick-something score now (my lack of game name knowledge on the Blackberry is now evident to all)?
I was sitting in the Dentist's chair and I was lying to my child this afternoon. Kendra is lying on top of me in the Dentist's chair. This was at the Dentist's suggestion as she was crying upon entering the room for a repair of a filling (which partially came out while chomping on a Mento - they are an evil candy developed by greedy Dentists). I am holding her, reassuring her that she won't feel a thing, the numbing juice just pinches, and so forth.

This from the mother who started crying when first seated in the electric, I mean dental, chair at the endodontist's almost 2 yrs ago. If you don't know who your friendly endodontist is, you haven't had the joy of getting a root canal performed. And the crying on my part is conditional - like a reflex. Novocaine, drill, pain - novocaine, drill, pain - novocaine..... it takes on average 2 - 3 shots of Novocaine to numb my teeth enough for a filling and 3 - 4 for a crown. I have "special" nerves according to my dentists - I don't like being that special. I didn't want a root canal but I really wanted the pain in my head to stop. So I cried. And cried again and then finally they did the equivalent of an epidural for the tooth and believe it or not, I still had a little feeling but he upped the gas as well and I got through it. It took all day for my face to thaw out and a headache for about 4 days.

So I am a big, fat liar as I insist to K that she stop crying and that she won't feel anything after the Novocaine shot, she'll just hear the noises in her head. But she didn't really care to listen to me at all and proceeded to SCREAM while they drilled for the sum total of 45 seconds in the next 3 minutes. And lay there shaking and tense - so tense I could hardly get her hand unclenched. She certainly felt like she was in pain. But said later that she couldn't feel anything, the noise was just too loud (she has very sensitive ears) and she didn't like the weird taste in her mouth. I could just about choke her. And when Rachel had her fillings done a couple of years ago - I literally laid on her legs and held her arms down so she wouldn't pull the Dts's hands out of her mouth. Is this dislike of the Dental chair hereditary? Why Me?

But Rachel has come a long way. She is currently sporting a palate expander which she got about 2 weeks ago. Now that it is at it's full width, she is having a little more difficulty with certain pronunciations but has mastered eating (about choked when she first tried to eat a piece of bread) and is working at keeping the spit inside the mouth and/or not spitting on others. The good news was that the other permanent front tooth (you may have noticed her snaggletooth appearance in photos) had finally broken through the skin - after 9 months of no-show - the day before she got the expander. With the extra room - it has come down 1/3 of the way already - even the Ortho was impressed. It was getting harder for her to eat right with only 4 front teeth where there should be 8. So, if she looks/sounds a little different when we show up at your doorstep - I know you will be understanding and as she says "It's going to give me a beautiful smile." What she doesn't know is there will be no college money left by time her smile is finished! HA HA

Bart is in Dallas this week so this is a Mommy unload blog as I have no one else to talk to. The girls above were taking their first swim in the pool for the summer. The water is cold - straight out of the pipes, no heating (it was originally oil heated but that was outlawed in Schweiz) and no solar cover as the one that existed is kaput and we need to discuss a child safe cover with the owner. SOOOOO - I have not gone swimming yet. That's all for now. The blog will be silent soon for a while but that's OK - it means we are at or have visited you. Many of you anyway and those we can't - we love you and miss you (unless we don't really know you and you got this blog from a friend of a friend of a friend.....)

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