Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Little Catch Up

How do I even play catch up with the Blog at this point. I'm not going to try but will offer a look over the last "few" months over a couple of posts. Highlights if you will. Hugs and smiles to all who check in!

The snow and ice of winter melted - finally! So as we head into the Thanksgiving season, I offer you our Easter Sunday pic.  No, I wasn't allowed to be in the photograph because I didn't match.  Seriously, they all came downstairs before church and Gasp'd.  I was in black and tan.  I obviously missed the memo:
Bart was in Zurich and Rachel went to Florida with the school music program so Kendra and I headed for a favorite 'park' and took cool pictures.  One of many photographs I like from that day:
On Mother's Day, Bart was gone - again!, and so I coerced the girls into a trip to a perennial nursery out in the wilds of New Jersey near the PA border and then a picture.  I think the camera was set up on the patio table as Eiger is reluctant to add photography to his repertoire of tricks:
Someone had a dance recital and so we took some really fun pics after - this is but one.  I will have to post some more at another time - her pink dress and the pink flowers in my neighbors border look so pretty together.  Have to leave you wanting more after my absence:
We went to Boston for the first time over the Memorial Day weekend.  Loved it.  Great city with so much history, good food, University town and oh, we will be back:
As soon as school was out (on June 25 - longest year ever!), the girls and I headed to London.  We rented a studio flat in Sth Kensington for a week  so we could have a couple days to play together before dropping Rachel off for school in Oxford (two week High School program). Afterward, Kendra and I stayed to do some Kendra specific sightseeing - she's a huge Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes fan.

Funny thing was - Bart got re-routed  on his business trip and instead of going to Poland as planned, he ended up in London.  So we met him for dinner two of the nights that we had remaining. 4 family members - 3 different locations in England (Oxford, Kensington and Canary Wharf).
We took THE LAMEST selfies in front of Buckingham Palace - such that the silly shot is the best one of all:
Rachel in the Quad of St. Edmunds Hall, Oxford.  She had a fantastic time there through the Oxford Summer Academy Program.  She took Advanced Algebra, Critical Thinking - the Art of Reasoning, Public Speech and Debate and tutoring in Essay writing.  She met some great kids from other States/Countries - like being in International School again.  Needless to say, she loved it.  I would love it!  Oxford is well worth a visit if you ever have a chance to go:
Kendra and I enjoyed our first "real" Tea at the Cellar CafĂ© at Westminster Abby.  Delightful, yummy and a view of the towering Abbey:
We had such a great time.  I love my girls and so glad to have these adventures with them.
I'm getting to a place in life where I might have more time and energy for blogging again.  And at least to finish my quick photo update of life as we've known it since last winter.  Love to All! S

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Judy said...

Fun post and great pictures. I wonder if I'll ever start blogging again...
Never been to London or Boston.