Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's try this again!

OK.  First, you should read the first and last paragraphs of my last post which apparently was written, May 18th. 


So what now?  Now we are in New Jersey.  And a lot of stuff has happened between then and now.  There's really so much that's happened since the beginning of 2013 that I will probably never touch a majority of it.  And that's OK.  Otherwise, I will feel even more behind than I already am.

There are no pictures today.  They are all still on my camera's or phone and I've not sat down to download anything yet.

I have to go pick up Eiger who is at a "5 Star" doggy kennel because we have no other resources here yet and it had an opening.

We spent a weekend in Minnesota 1)  visiting Bart's parents - very briefly as we had to drive up to Detroit Lakes and back within a 24 hr span (8 hrs driving, 8 hrs sleeping and the remainder trying to get in a good visit which is hard at a nursing home! and Barb is doing OK) 2) meeting up with some of his aunts and sister and 3) reuniting with a large group of expats who all have Switzerland, the International Baptist Church of Zurich and Minnesota/Iowa in common. 

Now we are back for a week full of school orientations, more orthodontist trips and preparation for school starting next week.  After Labor Day?  Yes, we actually start after Labor Day.  I don't think the girls have ever attended a school outside of Preschool that started this late.  With the move it's made for a long summer but they don't seem to mind too much.

I see a small light at the end of the tunnel - I may actually get back to some regular Blogging.  I miss it.  It's good therapy for me.  It's an easy way to share what is going on in the lives of the Olsons without competing with time zones.  And it helps document our life as I am woefully behind on photo albums - like since Kendra was 2.  She's soon to turn 13.

So Hello Again Bloggy world and will return real, real soon.  No promises.  Just a little new determination this time around as we settle once again.


Susan said...

Happy to see you in my Feedly Reader. I think of you so often and hope that things will slow down a bit for you now. I wonder how Eiger likes New Jersey? You'll have to tell us all about it :-)

Katherine said...

Hey Susan! Today I heard about a new mom to ZIS who was part of Moms in Touch/Prayer in Minnesota before coming here... and she's looking for a group! So that was exciting (since we didn't have a group this past year). Maybe we'll get started up again. Missing you! xo Katherine

Sarah said...

Agree with Susan above - a happy thing to see your post in my feedly reader! Thanks for you comment on my blog, too. Hope that your girls enjoy their last week of summer break!