Sunday, March 17, 2013

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leaving....

today....... Well, not today, but leaving "to be a part of it, New York, New York."
Starting May 1st the Hub will be working somewhere in that lower left quadrant of Manhattan.  Shocked?  

I am a bit (shocked) when I look at the pictures.  I haven't looked at them since I first downloaded them almost 18 months ago.  This next view is north an you can see Central Park peeking out at the top just right of the Hudson. 

This was our landing point when we came back from Zurich.  Via New York.  Living for 5 years overseas and then coming "home" via this vibrant city.  A city that my grandfather came through via Sicily in the 1920's.  My great grandfather through Ellis Island and then on to Chicago in 1917.  A city we've loved visiting.  Now a city that will be home to Bart's new job and I can visit via short train ride (from NY or NJ suburbs - we don't know yet).  Wow!  Was NOT Expecting That!  
I'm almost embarrassed to say I don't look at these pictures.  It was a tough leaving and Repatriation is just hard.  I love taking pictures to document life and yet, sometimes it takes me a while to look at them because of the emotion it invokes - in me - not necessarily everyone else.  I never blogged our actual return to the States - the pictures at Zurich Int'l with all our luggage or our fun days in NY before arriving in CA - so personal and it still seems like yesterday.  So I'm sharing a few as we are about to begin another chapter - again - of change in our lives.
This is what jet-lag looks like for the Olson's.  Rachel & I were almost out and Kendra is pretending as evidenced by her smile but, yeah, losing a night of sleep is losing a night of sleep. 
If we are leaving CA, at least we will be in a destination city.  So wonderful people such as these will want to see us.  The ballerina is drawn to this city and it will draw her family too. :)  And others!  It is hard to leave friends and family here in CA - it's hard to write this post. 
This too is my explanation for why the Blog has been quite silent for a while.  There has been a lot going on for the past 6 months.  Reflecting, talking, praying, discussions, researching - and keeping our family bound in a common goal - to love and support one another. 

Bart has had a great career in Public Accounting and we have loved being part of the "Firm" (yeah, has that John Grisham ring to it, doesn't it?) but a change has been needed.  It isn't a secret to most who know us that he's looked to go private in the past - the job offers/opportunities have always been East.  So we are going East - God works His way, not ours.

We are excited.  A little nervous.  A bit sad.  But moving forward with confidence that God is giving us a good thing.

Note to self:  Wear heels the next time R and R are standing next to self in picture. And, Kendra is now 1 inch shorter than self - she sprouted since we moved back 1.5 yrs ago!


Katherine said...

WHAT!!!!????!?! WOW!!!! How exciting! We might be able to see you from time to time, since David often has business trips to NYC, and my brother lives 52 minutes from Manhattan, in New Jersey. He can see the city in the far-off distance, from the hill he lives on. Again, how exciting! Wow. Shocking and exhilarating indeed. God bless and protect and provide...and be preparing the new friends and classmates for Rachel and Kendra, their teachers and neighbours... Lead on, Lord! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

I know how hard this is to post. How it is the brief version of so so so much. But Gid knows and cares about every tear and decision and conversation and every piece of this process from the last 6 months. That is a peace-giving knowledge.
I am happy for the opportunity to be on the same coast! Your friendship is a treasure and your words and prayers are always a gift. I love you, Susan. Will continue to pray as you journey on! Talk to you soon!

Judy said...

I hope you have some relief for having made the decision. I hope we can continue to keep in touch in this virtual world. ;) (Keep praying for us, please!)

Sarah said...

Catching up on everything I missed last week...I missed a lot apparently! :)

Very thankful you now have an answer and a direction to go. Thankful. Praying as you move forward to move (again). Much love to you, dear friend.