Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Month

What can I say?  I will use the term "yes, I have a blog" loosely.  Perhaps in the New Year, a new era of blogging in CA?  We shall see, we shall see....
I have a month of Thankful pictures to share.  November has been full of visitors and I am so thankful to have our friends and family.  I have to say, we very much miss other friends and family as well.  It's still a transition - felt far away from many while in Switzerland and now feel far away from many in California.  There is no perfect solution is there?  Thankful for the internet and blogs and yes, even Facebook.  Thank you Mr. Zuckerman.  I think.  We'll see.
Thankful for friends who came from Fresno to share Veterans Day weekend: good food, laughter and a Forty-Niners game (tied!).  While the crew below was at the game, the moms and Mr. N (5 yrs) headed out for a beautiful afternoon at the Oakland Zoo.
These guys?  Thankful that Jack tolerates Eiger.  Eiger seems to have sense enough not to bother him too much.  Above you see Eiger trying to engage Jack in play but will get a smack down for his efforts.  Good for the big dog to get told off by the little ones to keep them in check occasionally.  Below?  A snack in the offering: 

Thankful for dear friends who travel from Sacramento area and squish together on our comfy couch.  Long story but Eiger's crate sits where another 'seat' should be and then of course, Bart has 'his' chair.  Love these faces.

Thankful for Dad/Grandpa Olson who likes and keeps old cars and lets me drive them.  Love driving down the road in a Riviera (he has 2 or 3?) - feel the horsepower.  Girls enjoy it and love tinkering around their place in Minnesota.  Of course this was taken in August - not a fan of Northern MN come winter......
Thankful for cows that occasionally graze by the house.  It's not Switzerland and they don't wear bells but I like all the animals that wander by our place.
Thankful for family that came for Thanksgiving (sister Kris's family, mom & J and dad) and once again, squished onto a couch for sharing.  Note - Eiger likes to be where the people are.
 Thankful for cousins big and small who enjoy each other, take care of each other and say "cheese" for the camera.  True towheads, those little ones.
 Thankful for my girlies who are getting so grown up and who we love so much.  Proud of them for their diligence at school, their willingness to try new things and their love for each other.
 Thankful for my husband.  This picture may not appear perfect to you but it is to me.  There aren't many "natural" pictures of Bart and I and here, we're laughing trying to get 'ready' for a picture.  That's one of the reasons I love him - he makes me laugh.  Yes girls, sometimes I'm laughing very hard on the inside but you will never see it because I'm trying to be a good mom and your dad is, well, funny whether appropriate or not!  He's a good man and I'm thankful for him:

Happy Thanksgiving November to all!

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