Thursday, October 18, 2012

Days of Miscellany

There have been some nice family times that I've not shared and as I read through about 40 pages of Blogging that are now deleted, I see that Blogging has become my timeline for when I eventually get some scrapbooks finished. The project that is always looming and I really want to give some attention to. Finding time is the key and maybe I just need to incorporate it into my regular activities and being OK with just 20 or 30 minutes here and there.

Regarding the Blog pages I've deleted: I deleted our E---t trip from January '11. I do check the source of our Blog traffic occasionally and it just seems that there has been too much interest in those particular posts from that region. Key word searches are the source so by eliminating the topic, traffic should die down. We'll see.

What have we been up to? Well, someone turned 14 and we celebrated up at the cabin in Twain Harte. It is a family cabin, built by my grandparents, and living out of state and country, we've not had the opportunity to enjoy it for many years. We had a good time and Eiger was very happy there. Outside of the previously posted near-drowning experience. We went to Pinecrest lake, hiking and blackberry picking. We topped it all off with a 5 hour drive home - should take 2 hrs with minimal traffic. Ah well, it was Labor day.... Happy Birthday Rachel!
Oo la la!  Look at my handsome husband!  We were asked to help fill up the Firm's table for the San Francisco Symphony Opening Night Gala.  Fancy - Black tie, Cocktail reception, Patron's Dinner, Symphony and After Party.  Before we said yes, I said we needed to see if we still fit into our "costumes" cause that could be a deal breaker.  Most women would take this as an opportunity to go shopping for a new dress but I sit looking at things in my closet that have gone unworn and think "no need for a new dress if I have something already."  Guess it should fit though.  And men's tuxedo's?  Do those ever go on sale?  He bought one and should always fit into it.  Always.  OK, I had a dress that fit and Bart just needed to buy a new shirt.  Which I ended up having to iron (have you ever ironed a tuxedo shirt? Ugh!!!) and was thinking "thank goodness he'll have a vest and jacket on all night.  I hope."

I love fancy dress occasions.  I love to see all the dresses.  I'm the crazy girl who come September, has the issues of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and In Style so I can look at the full ad campaigns by the designers.  Those 3 magazines stacked as September issues could make their own end table...... I love to see the colors, construction and photography - I see it as artwork.  Many see it as superficial and a waste of paper.  We all have our indulgences.  Anyway.... the people watching was superb. Superb!  There was "oh, look at that dress"  "she is beautiful" "ooooh myyyy!" "I saw that dress in Vogue!" Fun, fun, silly fun.

The press photographers were there as San Francisco elite and politicians were out for this event.  We got our picture taken.  We said and spelled our names for the photographer.  I was asked if I was wearing a designer that evening.  I replied "No.  I'm not wearing anyone this evening, thank you."  I did not want any eye rolling or flopping on the floor should I state the truth: " I'm wearing a Macy's clearance gown I purchased for $50 ten years ago."  For all that I love looking at fashion, I also love a great bargain.  One I never feel guilty for.  I own one real designer item - a pair of sunglasses I bought in 2008.  Still have them and my 12 yr old Ray Bans - I think I've only lost one pair of sunglasses in my life so they're a pretty good deal for me.

Enough of the frivolous, we had a great time!  The Symphony, by the way, was Awesome.
We were getting ready to dash out the door for Kendra's ballet lesson a couple weeks ago when I spotted this handsome Buck outside the kitchen window.  So I made her wait.  Put the zoom lens on and was able to stand in the backyard and take pictures without the Buck or his harem taking off.  Eiger was very still - rarely barks or runs when the deer are in back.  Love having the wildlife around us although I could do with a few less turkeys - they don't clean up after themselves so the sidewalks are littered with turkey droppings around here.  I think CA should have an open season on Turkeys around Thanksgiving - save us all a few $$ for dinner and help control this booming population.  Or we should be allowed to let our dogs run loose ever so often..........
San Francisco's Fleet Week:  We didn't get down to the boats but we did go in and walk to Pier 39 to watch the Blue Angels.  As you can see, it was a gorgeous day and while there were a lot of people, it was a really good crowd and there was no problem being able to get good views of the air show.  Love the noise!!!
The precision is unbelievable:
Kendra's science project for 6th grade:  Volcano!!!  We wadded up newspaper in a somewhat desired shape, layered strips of plaster of paris on it, dried it overnight, she painted it and presented a prehistoric theme.  Inside there is a plastic water bottle that we hot glued to the top of the 'cone' after removing the newpaper and prior to securing to base.  This had about 1/4 cup baking soda in it and then all you add is vinegar and Viola! you have an erupting volcano.  The first eruptions were done at school and then she had to show us at home.  Red dye in the baking soda wasn't allowed - it stains too many things!
This is a girl ready to go to her first Homecoming Dance.  How time flies!  She went to a friends house where 10 of the girls were getting ready and all went to the dance together.  A younger sister came downstairs after checking on them - we were ready to take pictures - and declared " it smells like something's burning and there is a bad chemical smell up there."  Ah - curling irons and hair spray.  Maybe a bit much perfume too but they'll learn.  She had a good time and from all our conversations, the part I like the best is that she still has a good head on her shoulders - it's a pretty one I think.


Susan said...

The girls are growing up so quickly and look lovely. As do you, my dear, in your fancy gown :-) What fun to go to the Symphony.

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Rachel looks stunning! And you clean up pretty nice too, Miss Susan!:)