Friday, August 10, 2012

Alaska - Day 1, part 2

Looks like I've done it again. I will not promise any posts soon.  That way, I keep my promises.  I thought summers had been busy before but this is a doozy.  Summer is almost over.  I am still on Day 1 of the "1st vacation/trip" of the summer.  I am woefully behind.  I posted most of these pic's before leaving for another trip - Seattle.  Returned and got laundry done, garden watered, re-packed and headed to Fresno & Southern CA.  Returned to do laundry, water garden, re-pack and visiting In-laws in Minnesota.  I can't keep up.  Can you?  Thank you for your understanding. 

So - to finish off our day in Alaska (ahem...), we went to the Sled dog facility.  These are not racing dogs (Iditarod sp?) but working dogs.  They've been bred over the years for strength and endurance - true Alaskan malamutes which according to the Park kennel officers are wonderful mutts - a mix.
Kendra was particularly taken by the dogs and had we not had our own at home, I'm sure would have tried to take one back in her suitcase.
Thus ended Day 1 in Alaska - complete with some tasty food in the camper of course.  We did eat well!

I will complete Alaska!  For more recent events, here we are in Seattle.  Bart has a client up there and has wanted the girls and I to go up for a weekend and with a team event in place (Mariner's game), we flew up.  Had a great time and I got to visit with a college friend - we lived next door to each other my Freshmen (her Senior) year in the Dorms.  Facebook brings you together with people you've lost touch with - I will say that.
Most dramatic recent event:  Locks of Love donation from Kendra.  Here she sits.  A very thick, long ponytail was cut off by my trusted stylist A. I hope someone feels great in her hair!  Seriously.
Her cut is very cute.  Very Kendra.  I have to admit I'm torn between missing the long flow of hair down her back and not missing the tangled mess it could be with her ripping her brush through it.  Sigh......

They grow up quickly don't they?


Shelly W. said...

You have some of the most amazing adventures! How fun!

And your daughter's hair is so cute! Two of my girls have donated hair--it's great, isn't it?

And YES! They do grow up too fast. :(

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Seattle, how fun! Kendra looks great...braces, too! Wow. Happy back to school to the Olson family! We go back on Monday the 27th. Look forward to talking soon my friend! Hugs! -Julie