Thursday, March 22, 2012

What was I thinking? March

I never claimed to be a good thinker. Maybe I wasn't thinking at all. Scheduling a kid for braces, another for oral surgery and the dog for neutering all in the same week. I was calling the Vet for doggy sedatives feeling like perhaps the one in need of a sedative was Mom.

March was expected to be a blur and all expectations have been met so far.

Bart has had a challenging busy season, travel and a scheduled minor surgery to complicate his 12th month back in the US. As of April 1 it will have been a full year for him. Hard to believe.

Rachel had some teeth pulled and a medieval device (chain & screw) implanted in order to straighten out her very exciting orthodontal issues. One worries when Dr. W says he's "looking forward to presenting her case at a Forum." Glad we could help Dr. W! She has done well post surgery too. Needless to say, she did NOT like going under general anesthesia and I'm sure to be on vacation if it happens again........ Seriously, I soaked in every minute of her crying and needing me - it doesn't happen very often anymore.

Kendra also got a portion of her mouth metal set. She will indeed have a mouthful of metal when all is done - pallette expander, bottom space bar AND braces - all at the same time. She's also been attending rehearsals for the musical Oklahoma! which they performed for the first time today. There are performances through this weekend and next. I'll be quite adept at getting that long, thick hair curled by March 31!

Eiger is doing well and recovering. He was not happy about his special head-gear (cone of shame, satellite dish, hood ornament - take your pick) and being a 5 month old Lab mix, did not understand the Dr.'s request to "keep calm" for two weeks and thus the need for a little sedative in his diet. His "crazy run" did not qualify as calm. His crazy attempt at playing in puppy class was not called for. Nor was scaling the indoor 3 ft fence the day after surgery. Yeah, we've chucked the fence as a prevention measure. It's merely a deterrent. Apparently his long back legs are for jumping. Who knew?

Me? I'm making sure everyone gets to their appointments and takes their! meds at the right times and has enough soft food to eat. Did not anticipate the culinary challenges that would accompany two kids with sore/pulled teeth. Who like variety in their diet. Sigh...... I'm finished with my appointments and still have an achy back but less achy than it was - more later.

I've really been trying to wrap my head around the fact that I permanently live here now. Where church bells don't ring. It is not easy for me to take pictures or look at pictures right now but I'm trying. Sounds crazy but it is a familiar pattern when I look at each move. I am trying to look at the positive things about where I am at this time - especially those I could not have if I were somewhere else.

I leave you today with this treasure (may seem trite but hey! I'm happy about it):

I was very, very happy to get cheap and tasty Mexican food for lunch - a carnitas burrito. That is something I could NOT get in Switzerland.


Makila said...

So love your heart. Hugs to all of you.

Susan said...

Sending you a hug, mama.

I remember those days. I have lots of "white space" (Margin) now ... the times you are in are exciting for sure.

Now I will sound trite: enjoy them!

And enjoy that Mexican food! YUMM!

Thanks for blogging, I have missed your "voice"

Katherine said...

Oh, Susan. Tough week!!! Yum, Mexican easily available. Yes, appreciating the good little things is crucial! Enjoy some for us! Hope everyone heals up quickly and all the orthodontia works smoothly. Yes, an orthodontist wanted to present Jason's case too...and then of course we moved to three other countries and each one had their own approach...but it all worked out beautifully in the end!