Friday, January 20, 2012

What an interesting winter

It has certainly been an interesting winter. A lot of blue skies and no precipitation up until this past weekend. Strange, enjoyable and a bit scary - California is suffering from winter drought and this does not bode well for summer.

No precipitation has also meant no skiing! When we went to Reno after Christmas, there was no snow to be seen on Emigrant Gap and sketchy bits on the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. We occupied ourselves with other outdoor activities and didn't even bother to pack snow gear. It's certainly a new environment for the girls who don't remember living in CA and after 10 winters with snow, it feels different for Bart and I as well.

Here are Kendra and I with our friends L, N and M last year. I think Rachel and D were off skiing another piste. It is getting easier to look at the pictures ( I go through this with every move) and just enjoy the memories of time that cannot be recreated. We are making new memories and continue to explore the area around us. The last time we were in Las Trampas Regional Park, we had Rachel/Kendra in backpacks and Max was dragging us around by the leash or he was trying to tell us how fun it was to roll in cow pies. Things are a bit different now but the view is still beautiful:
Those hills should be bright green but with no rain comes no growth. As you can see, the rain has had no impact on the growth of Rachel and Kendra! Rachel is officially as tall as I am and Kendra has hit a growth spurt and is closing the gap. They'll pass me up soon. In Bart's words "not that it's hard to pass you up." Thanks Honey.

There are habits/customs we do not leave behind. Such as afternoon coffee with my mom outside. This was from her visit this past Fall. A little espresso, chocolate wafer cookie......Life is good!

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