Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Range Anyone?

I know this won't be the last time I bore you with the local wildlife.

We are quite used to cows, sheep and hawks but you have to admit - Turkeys in force are fascinating.

Here is just a portion of the "gaggle" "flock" "herd" ???? of turkeys in our neighborhood: It's quite something to see all the males puffed up and showing off their tail feathers while the females just try to get some breakfast. Oh my! Growing up in a family of hunters, I do wonder how these free-range birdies might be on the table. But don't worry - I'm sure the HOA has some rule or another against shooting in the backyard. Cultivated wilderness.

I took these from my car with the little camera so they're not what I hoped but - those turkeys don't stay in place! I can come back 10 minutes later and they'd be gone. They're very funny too - as traffic came down the road and the turkeys had to get out of the way, they split into "boys" and "girls." Each gender on separate sides of the road. I find them hilarious.

What else might be hilarious this time of year?

Aye, Matey! Ye be talkin' 'bout me girlies:

Yes, the Pirates have taken over. We've finished the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and they are rarin' to go. Mom & Dad have costumes too from years ago in Des Moines - I may even share a picture............

The girls had done "Trunk or Treat" at the international school while in Switzerland but this will be the first year in 5 that they've gone to school in costume or out trick or treating in the neighborhood. Rachel doesn't think she's too old at all - she can't wait. I think 10 yrs was my last trick or treat year..........

It's been a decent week. Furniture shopping is virtually complete - and we should have everything by the end of January....... But we do have a couch and "Bart's" recliner arrived this week so - Yeah! It's a lot of work, time, money and just not as enjoyable when you really need it all - hoping to get things out of boxes or have a place to offer guests to sit. But we are so happy to be located where we are in this area. God gave us a good thing.

I actually have A LOT to say about the last few months. Just not sure how much I should. And does anyone really want to hear that my back bothers me enough that often I don't sit at the computer because I feel better staying up and about. Working on that - better this week.

I'm off to sleep. Need a lot of that. ;) Guten Nacht!


Susan said...

Gueten Abig! Or actually I should say Gruezi! It's morning here :-) Love the pictures of the turkeys and your girls (not to be confused) - always good to see you in my Google Reader! I'm sorry about your back; take it easy and enjoy the season!

Makila said...

Um, I would like a close up pic of Kendra's boots. Look cute!