Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Mumblings

So - Kendra stayed home today and she is definitely feeling better. Off to school she'll go tomorrow. As I needed to get some ironing done - I hate ironing - we searched the DVD collection for a movie to get me through the pain.

Turns out, she had not seen Holiday Inn. Now we watch White Christmas every year but I forget I have the other and thought she would enjoy the dresses, singing and dancing. We put in the DVD, it starts playing and she asks "Will it ever be in color?" Um. No. Guess not.

Checked the copyright date and the narrative at bottom of DVD cover and guess what? The film was nominated for 3 Academy Awards in 1942, winning the Award for best song "White Christmas." Irving Berlin wrote the song for this movie with Bing Crosby (& Fred Astaire) and then reprised it in the movie by the title "White Christmas." Oh, who knew.

I still enjoy the movie and thus, at 69 years of age, it seems to have some staying power. Perhaps that's a bit pompous - my sister and I may be the only ones in the world who still watch that movie. Kendra would like to see the pretty, sparkly dresses in color.

I also have the 1st "Technicolor" film from 1953, How to Marry a Millionaire, but I think we'll go next to My Fair Lady. Camelot has to wait a little for maturity. Love a good Musical. The girls also like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I'm glad they enjoy these and I'm not alone!

Yesterday afternoon saw us watching "The Sound of Music." How can we turn the channel away from that? I was actually writing yesterday's post during the movie and at one point Bart suggested to the girls that it was good I was distracted or I'd be singing along and including choreography. Hah! Showed him and did it while I wrote - pausing for the occasional choreographed move. I can also recite bits along with the characters.

I can do that with Star Wars (the 1st or 4th "original") too but....We're not going there. Embarrassed myself enough in front of my husband rattling off the cast quirks of Star Trek - Original Version - while watching the recently released Star Trek movie. He didn't even know all the character's names!!! Again. Shouldn't go there.

Speaking of ironing, which I hate, Bart & I recognize both the blessing and curse that is coming our way. You see, at the beginning of April, he will essentially move back to the US. Taking with him a good portion of his work wardrobe. I imagine I will bring him some more on our house-hunting trip. You see where this is going don't you?

He was already grinning as I was putting away the ironing board a couple weeks ago and said that I had a confession to make: " I will miss you soooo much honey when you're gone but I won't have to iron your shirts anymore!!!!!!!!!!" I do have a few things I do have to iron but they tend to not 'pile up' like his work wardrobe does. But I will miss him very much.

What else has been going on? Ah, I had the appointment with the property management co. and relocation people and everything went really well. Turns out, and this is NOT the normal situation, the landlord will release us from the Lease as of our notice date of July 1. This means we are not obligated for the July - September period as stated under "Swiss Rental Rules." The reason is two-fold in that 1) I am willing to help show the property and therefore the Management Company saves a lot of time and 2) they are changing the terms of the Lease agreement - you are normally required to find a replacement for your Lease under the original conditions. What a blessing! We are very pleased as it just alleviates some stress.

Stress, which seems to be aggravating my 'silent reflux' condition. I'm sure singing for 2 - 3 hours yesterday has nothing to do with it (singing can aggravate it due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles). Bluck! Although we had a terrific service! I've been treated for this before and it comes and goes but has been irritating me more lately. So I'm going to be a good girl and take my med 1st thing each morning (with a full glass of water and must wait 20-30 min. before eating/drinking again).

But - I have to do some other things too. Item one is not eating/drinking much 2-3 hours before lying down. So my nap after lunch, after singing so much, yesterday was a no-no. As are after dinner snacks. Which I would rather eat than dinner - preferably cheesey ones. I've also got the no-smoking and keeping excess weight off down pat. No problem. The problem is with item Two - the type of things I consume.

On the list of foods that aggravate this condition are: Caffeine - especially coffee and chocolate, Alcohol- I'm good with this but Wine? :( , tomato based sauces, garlic, onions, CHEESE! and saturated fats - butter, cream , the list goes on and on. Hello! looks like the Bread & Water diet I was on when nursing Kendra. What's a girl to do, let alone eat? Sigh...... I need to figure out which are worse than others (I know butter is one). But CHEESE?

Maybe that pot of Fondue during Ski Break didn't help either. Tomorrow I will post Ski Break and not torture you with anymore mumblings.


Linds said...

Mumblings are good. It sounds familiar - my mind is flitting about too. I totally agree re the ironing!! I used to be SO relieved when G went back to sea and he had people to iron his uniform stuff for him. If I happened to go with him though, I was expected to do it. But the reward was the trip so it was all good.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Just so you know, I love a good mumblings post. It's fun to see what REALLY goes on in people's lives.

And also? Holiday Inn is my favorite Christmas movie. It has been since I discovered it as a little girl. So glad you watched it!

Judy said...

I agree with Linds--- mumblings are good and fun to read. You hate ironing?! Oh you know how I feel about it. Ugh. I did it yesterday too. Hubby tried to tell me he didn't have any shirts left. I counted 8 in his closet! I think that was plenty! Nope, he wanted the 8 I ironed yesterday. Sheesh!
When we moved back to the US we did the same thing. Pete came back here in April and we moved the first of June. I made him promise to take his shirts somewhere to have them pressed. (He's lousy at ironing.)
Thinking of you through this whole process...