Thursday, October 28, 2010

I did it!

I finally had the guts to conduct a whole appointment in German - only a few mishaps/misunderstandings. Oh yeah, I did it, I did it, I did it..... (mild dancing to go along with that - because no, I don't think I can dance. I did think I could dance once long ago but that's best forgotten. And it hurt's my knees.)

Anyway. Went to my annual eye appointment as I was down to my last pair of contacts (two week contacts). Explained how my arms have gotten longer this year in order to read properly. Anyone? Anyone?

Over this past year the contacts have made my eyes more fatigued as well and I wear my glasses more frequently.

Since reading with my glasses is fine, the optician suggested lowering the correction of my contacts to see if that would help the reading vision although potentially giving the distance vision a slight blur. I already have a slight distortion with contacts due to astigmatism - but figured we could try.

Lo and behold, even the distance vision feels better. He suggested the correction may have been too strong. So I dropped my contact correction by .5 in one eye and .25 in the other. ????

First time for everything. I'm still blind as a bat without them but my eyes don't feel they're working nearly so hard as before. Good news!

Did I mention I did it all in GERMAN? Thank You, thank you very much. Don't like to brag and my German grammar STINKS (yes, capitalization is necessary for emphasis here) but it just feels good to feel like it's all been worth it and useful.

A bit of a lame post after the Jungfraujoch, Ja?

Life really has been busy (think I've said that a few times too) and I've tried working on my priorities (there is actually something else I should be doing right now!) which lead me to leaving the Blog on the back burner most often aside from travel posts.

There have been posts I've written and pulled, posts I've written in my head, posts I've started and not finished and posts I want to write but think, well, maybe it's just too personal/don't want to reveal too much of myself. A bit frozen here.

So I'm trying to find a balance. I love writing on the Blog but if it's just travel posts, it gets a little dull. At least for me.

Dad is in the friendly skies now and I have mucho laundry and clean up to do. And kids to pick up and dinner to make. Oh - I made soup 3 times this season. From scratch. Don't laugh!!!!! See what you get when I start to reveal my personal life. As my family was happy with the soups - there will be more.

Is travel more exciting than soup? Hmmm, maybe I should take pictures....

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