Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revisiting Prague for Fun

As I was downloading hundreds of pic's to Shutterfly, I realized I took more fun pic's in Prague than I ever posted. I take way to many pic's, I have a problem. But, as I've said, It's my problem and I enjoy it. Here is the family entering Check-in 1 at Zurich Int'l Airport. We've spent a lot of time here - it's a lovely place. It has one of the best Customs entry/exits we've experienced:
  1. France - Charles de Gaulle (Paris) - Prize for most chaotic line (think - no line) in Customs
  2. USA - Chicago O'Hare - Prize for rudest treatment in Customs - I LOVE getting yelled at when coming back into my home country (and so do all the visitors)
  3. USA - Chicago O'Hare - Prize for Worst re-check of baggage on re-entry - Mountains of luggage waiting for a home (which is so nice for all the foreign visitors who must then go navigate the purchase of necessities in a foreign place - I know I would relish that experience)
  4. USA - JFK/New York - Prize for Impersonal but efficient
  5. USA - Dallas - Prize for Friendly
  6. USA - Wash DC/Dulles - Prize for most confusing place to fly in/out of due to the construction that's been going on (forever) - You never go the same way twice!
  7. UK - London/Heathrow - Prize for graciousness and courtesy when sitting in tents waiting to enter airport - Terrorist plots really put a snag into travel schedules

And you have to love local airports such as Des Moines, Sacto and yes, even Fresno - they are small, easy to navigate and you can go anywhere (maybe not directly :) ).

In Prague, like much of Europe, even the main streets are pressed for space. Thus, your local towing company lifts the impounded cars vs the whole back-up and pull onto the ramp process. It was fun to watch and glad it wasn't us!
The Czech Republic is the beer consumption capital of the world. Where else would you expect to find a giant beer bottle floating down the river?The Renaissance man in the 21st Century.
At the foot of the Prague Castle Complex, was this gentleman playing a beautiful old instrument. The girls love giving change to musician/performers on the street. And there are those who are simply in need and the girls have developed a heart for them as well. It is sometimes hard in the different countries explaining why we are comfortable giving money to some and not to others. We've had gypsies approach our table and literally try to take the food we just purchased away. The understanding of need and giving is an important one. I hope Bart and I do a good job with the responsibility we've been given in teaching our children. Parenting is the hardest job I've ever had! Have a great day!


Josh & Sarah said...

I second the parenting comment!!!

You have the best pictures/stories! Please don't stop taking them/sharing with us!

mandy said...

hi from Massachusetts! i was wandering through my blog today and saw your comment on my worship resources.
how are things going? have y'all found any musicians to help with worship?
BLESSINGS on your church!!!