Monday, April 16, 2007

We're Back! Family fun in France

Our little fashionistas with Villefranche in the background.
Playing on the beach in Villefranche.
In the gardens of Eze Village. A medieval village high on a hill - Beautiful!
Bart and his sweeties in the gardens at the Rothschild Estate.

What can we say? We loved our Spring Break in Villefranche (midway between Nice and Monaco on the Cote d' Azur) and returned to lovely weather here in Zurich. I will have to write more later. This is a teaser.

Because - I have no cold water for 4 days (no dishwasher/washingmachine) and therefore life is just a little more hectic (at least we have warm water but it is very warm). Oh, we must also fill the water tank by hand so we can flush the toilet right now. And the house is constantly dirty from the work. Thankfully - I had washed ALL our clothes from the trip by this morning before the plumbing contractors came. All except the delicates which need cold water but which I can live without til Friday. Or I can run some hot water and wait for it to cool down and then wash them by hand. OH YEAH - AND, my dad is showing up from CA on Wed. am. At least we have hot water! This whole "pipe" project was supposed to be done by the 18th. But what can one do - it is construction - and I doubt there was any bonus offered to get the work done by any deadline. Not even in Switzerland can they control the construction schedule. OH, let me not forget, the property managers never bothered to forward the whole schedule for this work to us (3 - 4 week project). Maybe they thought our not reading German didn't matter - we only have to live here.

SORRY! I am venting to the computer. It is kinda funny and kinda not. Kinda tossed all the vacation stories I had in my head down the drain as of 8:20am when I found out.

I promise - better stories later - and more pic's. Right now must run along and see if my tub of water has cooled down enough so I can wash the strawberries and carrots I am taking tonight for the big Parade party in Zurich (pics from that will be forthcoming as well).


mom e said...

Brings back good memories...Villefranche..Monaco and yes the chimneysweep that would show up unannounced,once a month in Germany, usually catching me in my bathrobe...

Olson Family said...

mom e - You probably looked a heck of a lot better in your bathrobe at 20 yrs than I do now at ? 29 yrs :). Hmmmm - do you think that's why the chimney sweep showed up so often unannounced? (oh, that was a good one!!!!)

mom e said...

I highly doubt it, he probably thought I was a lazy American sleeping past 0700.